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OT:Astrophoto of the week: The Moon in colour

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  • OT:Astrophoto of the week: The Moon in colour

    Yes, the Moon does have subtle colours. They are very difficult to photograph and I have been trying for a while. Last night was ideal since the smoke is finally gone. I had excellent conditions for photographing the Moon. To bring out the colours takes some very careful post processing including image stacking and separating the colours, then recombining just the colours separately from the detail in order to minimize artifacts in the final image. The very bright spots on the Moon are areas that produce strong backscatter. They are minerals that act like retroreflector paint that is used on signs.

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    I thought it was all made of cheese! Darn! Learn something new every day.

    Nice picture.

    Is it just my imagination, or is the Harvest Moon about this time of every year (i.e. August) more prominent and spectacular to view? It has always seemed that way to me.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      It isn't your imagination. The Moon is closer to Earth this time of year during the full moon cycle.
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        Great shot. Nice to hear you got through the threatening fire okay.
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          Thanks. The fire isn't out but it is no longer a threat. The weather has shifted and the smoke is going west. I took this shot yesterday. The sun is sneaking under the heavy cloud over the fire and is filtered to orange by the smoke.

          I have to go now to get another blood test so I won't be answering more questions 'til evening.
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            nice pic of the moon looks cool


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              September or October is the Harvest Moon depending on which day of the month the full moon falls on, not August. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the fall equinox. The full moons for each month have one or more names each month.

              That is a beautiful photo of the full moon. The Moon is my favorite orb after the Earth and Sun of course.
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              It's only ink and paper


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                Beautiful picture Evan! How many images did you stack?
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                  Basically HDR Astrophotography?


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                    Do you get your daily APOD fix?


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                      That's got to be the most beautiful picture of the moon iv ever seen, youv got something to be proud of there and If I took that Id put my name on it too...

                      way way way cool...


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                        Nice work, Evan. Thanks! This is a pleasant way to "moon" us.


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                          It always enjoyable to see your photos.
                          I guess you know there are suspose to be two moons on the 27/th.



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                            Very nice!


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                              If you are referring to the Moon and Jupiter being fairly close together then yes. But, it won't look anything at all like "Two Moons". Jupiter looks like a very bright star while the Moon is the same apparent size in the sky as the Sun. Also, the pair will still be about 5 to ten degrees apart at the closest apparent approach which isn't all that close (depending where you view it from on Earth). To give you an idea of how much 5 degrees is, the Moon subtends almost exactly one half degree. So, Jupiter will be at closest more than 10 moon widths distant.
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