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  • New member. Great site

    Brand new member and am impressed with this site. I am a retired logger that is lucky enough to have a great shop to practice my hobbies in. And I might add a great wife who wants me out their. I think that's good anyway. My grandchildren are really into outlaw dirt kart racing and that makes me into it to. We have been spending a lot of money on frames, engine machining and the like for awhile. I would like to add some machining equipment to my shop and would like some advice as to what your group of experienced operators would suggest. I personally don't have a lot of experience in machine work but have friends who are willing to assist. I already have several welding machines including MiG, stick and a Tig machine. The machine work would be on mostly small engines like Briggs and Stratton and motorcycle engines to about 500 cc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, John

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    Welcome aboard John. Mostly this is a pretty good site.........when everyone agrees with me A lot of info just free for the asking on this site. Hope you enjoy your stay. Most here are from other walks of life but we do have a few bona-fide machinist in the group. Our average age in the group is similar to yours.

    The moderator here runs a very tight ship. He stops in every few months to see if there's been any blood shed, slaps a few guys around and then goes back to his office lounge chair to kill of the rest of the day
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      Hiya John and welcome. If you can make it in the logging business, machining is going to be a piece of cake. I know, I sell John Deere forestry equipment and nobody works harder than a logger.

      You can't ask a question on here that is too dumb, trust me, I know from experience, so fire away and these great people will bend over backwards to help you. I'd offer my advice on your equipment needs but I'm really not qualified to tie these guys shoes. I will tell you what I did and my experience.

      I bought a Bridgeport mill and a Chinese lathe. The mill has been great, it's all manual. I felt like adding anything electric would just add to the complexity and if you can't do it manually, you can't do it anyway so may as well learn how to do it manually. On the lathe, I bought, at a local auction, a 16"x40" lathe. It was way bigger than what I was looking for and I've already overloaded it. When you have heavy equipment around, big iron is the norm, not the exception. A 40 hp ag tractor is the largest some people work on, something your skidders could crush in the grapple. I'm glad I bought a big lathe.

      Anyway, you found a good place. I'd also recommend I've had great luck getting video rentals there for learning how to do different machining operations.
      Dan from Raleigh, NC

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