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Door catches Any knowledgeable carpenters here.

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  • Door catches Any knowledgeable carpenters here.

    maybe you do it differently in the usa ..

    i posted this somewhere else ..but perhapos you lot over there have something that meets my needs

    Does anyone know a manufacturer / supplier of door catches ..that have a distance between end plate and operational hole that is 1.5 inches ..

    so, between the end plate outer surface and the centre line of the square hole that the square shaft turns....needs to be :- one and a half inches

    I've had some INTERNAL doors made ..and he's made the styles 3 inches wide ....he should have made them at least 3.5 inches wide !!!

    Means that if i put a handle on them ...the handle will not be in the middle of the style . ...would look a bit crappy

    ..all catches Ive looked at, the distance is 1.75 inches..and they are called two and a half inch catches ..because of the overall length

    The overall length is not what I'm bothered about...well anything up to 2.5 inches .,.it's where the hole will end up, that's what I'm on about.

    PS ..yes i know about roller catches ..and the handle not being so important ..but i don't want them.

    and the door catches have to have some meat on the actual catch ..i don't want dolls house ones.

    something like this

    all the best.markj

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    Perhaps using a horizontal lever handle (instead of a knob) with a small escutcheon would make it less obvious that the hole wasn't in the center of the stile.
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      Try contacting a commercial door supplier in you area, they usually can get exactly what you want.


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        I'd be hesitant to install the 1.5" latches. You'll be scraping your knuckles every time you turn the knob. The mentioned horizontal lever seems appropriate.
        What about the horizontal rail. Isn't that positioned just about knob height? I suppose it all depends on your backplate configuration.
        Then you can use any length of latch as the offset from the stile will go un-noticed.

        Haven't seen any good 1-1/2" backset latches.
        Have you considered adding an asthetic trim piece to the stile at the lockset location that helps the offset knob to blend in yet appear planned if the rail height isn't good?
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          I agree with DejaVu. I've encountered door knobs set so close you're assured of banging your knuckles every time you open it.

          Just checked my interior doors, and the knob/hole is centered at 2 1/2 " setback. They're NOT centered in the stile, but honestly that's the first time I've ever noticed that.

          I think a lot of manufacturers make door lock sets that provide for adjustable setback, but I'm not sure they go down that close. Here's some described as 2 3/8 to 2 3/4". I'm unclear as to how that translates to the setback.

          I'll bet once you install them, NOBODY (except maybe you ) will ever notice that it's not centered in the stile.
          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            yeah, i did say i was putting a handle on them rather than a knob .

            he has two more to build ..will make sure he makes the stiles 3.5 inches on those.

            perhaps you're all right ..and once installed they wont be noticed and will be forgotten about

            OK thanks guys

            all the best.markj