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  • Split Point Drill Question

    I am reading an on line article on drill points by JOSEPH MAZOFF, apparently of Newman Tools Inc. It appears to be a very good piece on drill geometry.

    About 1/3 of the way down the page, just to the left of photos I and J he states, "The conventional split point (CSP) is highly productive but is limited since it cannot be utilized on drills beyond 1/2" dia." But he does not explain why this is the case. It would seem to me that the conventional split point could be ground on any drill over 1/8" or so in diameter. Or does he mean that it does not work well on larger drills for some reason.

    So does anyone know why he would say this? What is the concern?
    Paul A.

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    Not sure what hes talking about, I never use the point on my drills over 1/2"

    (Allways drill a pilot first for a drill that big!)
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      If you have a large radial drill, you don't drill pilot holes........

      I also am not sure what he means, but it may be that the chisel point area becomes "unwieldy" to produce the point geometry on. He does say that the 4 facet split point "can be used on the largest of drills", as can the 6 facet, and modified split point. So it is something specifically about the CSP geometry.
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        split drill

        I split drill points on all size drills. And it works for me. I have been a machinist for 58 years. And hardly ever drill with a smaller drill first. Unless the machine in under powered.

        None of the production shops I worked in drilled small drill first.
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