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A future work holding technology?

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  • A future work holding technology?

    If you've ever held a gecko you know there's no way to keep them from crawling out of your grip (without crushing them). It's interesting stuff.

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    That is bizarre - It doesn't seem like they would have needed to evolve that mechanism to that level due to most everything in nature having far better traction than glass (unless your one of those weird frogs with suction-cup feet) - put most of the stuff gecko's climb on and its very porous.

    I don't know about the future bennies for workholding but there's definitely potential for a kind of one way velcro or perhaps you may find this stuff on the bottom middle section of cross country ski's...

    I think workholding is pretty wrapped up for most of the stuff we all build but there's room for improvement in the irregular shape department -
    For this I imagine a square tub that you bolt in your vise - the tub is filled with some kind of magical fluid and there are leads at opposite ends - you place the part in the fluid and apply voltage and the fluid turns solid, Or maybe you could do it in reverse with some kind of hi-temp wax or even lead...