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  • Koolmist questions

    How does Koolmist work? Does it make the water coolder when sprayed? Is it just added to the water for lube? What is in this stuff? There seems to not be a lot of information on this stuff. Thanks.

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    It just keeps the water from rusting your machine and parts. Mix 4 0z with gallon of clearwater. that is all.
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      The cooling should come from evaporation of the mist into the airstream, thereby cooling the air. Ideally, there should be a cold air stream and little or no visible mist.
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        I have one of these units and it works great, puts out a nice cold stream but:

        If you leave wet metal on the table like your vise it will leave a stain on the table.
        You need plenty of ventilation, the mist, although small, is awful.

        The last time I used it I was drilling a lot of holes in a .125" thick 4" dia. 304 stainless cylinder by hand and near froze my hand off!
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          I had a koolmist unit. I mounted its head to the underside of my table saw aimed at the edge of the blade. Made a huge difference when cutting aluminum. Even helped a bit with some dense woods.

          The coolant itself is pretty decent. I use the 88 in my Bijur Spraymist microdrop system.


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            kool mist

            buy one with brass lines,hot chips just melt through the plastic ones,shop i started working at had a bunch of plastic ones, always spending time getting them to work,we needed a new one, i had to aurgue loudly with boss to get a brass one ,it worked great and first week they noticed my productivity had gone up, less time same number of parts.i told them i didnt have to waist time fighting with old plastic one to get them to work , and guess what, every other month ,we got a new brass one ,till we got rid of old plastic ones.
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              I've never had good luck with a mist unit, albeit one that I built myself. For a cutting edge that hits upwards of 1400+ F, I don't think a few degrees cooler in the airstream is going to do anything. I mainly use it for lubrication, and to prevent chip welding and galling in Al and SS. To achieve the nice surface finish effects, I find that I need to have a LOT of coolant, e.g. at least a visible splatter.

              It appears to leave as nice a finish as flood coolant, but with less mess and better chip clearing.