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  • OT: Android App Recommendations

    Finding that my cellphone was rapidly turning into a brick, and spotting a good deal on an HTC Aria (basically free from Amazon), I am now the proud owner of an Android 2.1 phone and am looking for some good apps for it. (Free, preferably.)

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    I've got quite a few, but two of the most helpful, general apps are Google Maps (free turn-by-turn GPS), and Advanced Task Killer (closes programs in memory to speed up the phone).

    Depending on what capabilities you're looking for specifically, there's more to recommend.


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      Many of the google apps are neat. It provides google earth, google goggles, google voice search... Very impressive is 'google sky map' which identifies stars as you hold the phone up to the sky. Move the phone and the picture it displays changes too.

      I use "gps status" for it's general wealth of info about the gps, compass, acceleration, etc.

      "Soundhound" is cool for identifying songs. It listens to the music and matches most of the time. Works great if you have Tivo so you can rewind. Also works great in teh car when listening to the radio.

      Yahoo music is great for listening to streaming audio. I like comedy routines.

      "The Weather Channel" will provide weather forcasts for the locations of your choice.

      Weeding out the silly programs is the hard part.

      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.