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  • Change of pace OT

    I decided to do a little something different yesterday. So I made some Blue Bird houses.

    The wife is more into birding than I am. We have never had Blue Birds here until last year. We had a pair raise two broods in a house on the back fence. One morning when the little ones were just starting to fly. There were three lined uo on the top wire and the male was catching insects in the lawn and feeding them. Another little one realising that he was missing breakfast came flying in and crashed into his siblings. It looked like a crash on a carrier deck but in this case it was funny. I enjoyed watching them so I decided to take a day off from the shop and built some birdhouses.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    Hey Byron,

    Those are very cool. What kind of wood is that? I'm thinking cedar but not sure. Pretty soon you'll have a housing development!

    There's only one way to find out, might as well get started now!


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      do you have a set of plans you go by ? a bunch of ruff cedar drops about 6 x 20 inches. might be a great project for them.


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        I remember when my brother's two boys were in grade school, every morning they would be sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast, and two blue jays would land on the window sill, and bravely march onto the table. The boys would give them pieces of toast and cereal. This would go on all through the school year, and then the jays would disappear for a few months.
        Eventually they would show up, demanding cereal and bread. My brother's wife is the one who noticed that only one of the returning blue jays was the one who had been coming around...Every year, he would bring another jay, to share in the daily feeding. Blue jays are extremely smart, and the boys were soon giving them names and making them perform tricks to get food.
        During the summer, when school was out, the boys would make a game of holding up unsalted, in-the-shell peanuts. The jays would take turns landing on their hands and snatching up the peanuts before flying away. I recall one afternoon, they went through almost half a bag of peanuts before the jays got enough.
        No good deed goes unpunished.


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          The critical feature in these houses is the diameter of the entrance hole. The Audubon Society probably hasd a listing for most birds that will nest in boxes. Also the height from the entrance hole to the floor mattersw for some birds.
          Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec