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Whcih one is better Mist Or Cold air gun?

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  • Whcih one is better Mist Or Cold air gun?

    I am looking for cold air gun but I would like to ask few questions guys few questions before get it..

    have you guys use this cold air gun when cutting steel or others hard metals using carbide cutters?

    which one is better the mist or the air gun?

    will the cutters last more with mist or airgun?

    Do the cutters need a liquid to lubricate when milling or the the cool air will be enought?

    Does anyone knows a good vortex tube dealer with a resonable price?


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    Properly set up high speed machining can be done without coolant more effeciently with modern carbide inserts than with most coolants. The reasons for this is that inadequate cooling tends to crack and destroy the carbide severely shortening its working lifespan. You either have to totaly flood the work or run it dry. It turns out to be far easier to run dry than wet.

    If you are interested in dry machining I suggest that you contact Sandvik Cormant or Kennamental for assistance in tooling selection for your applications. You won't regret it.

    One the other hand, if you decide that collant is your best choice then I suggest mist system. I very fine mist has a greater cooling effect than a heavy one and does not produce a heavy "fog" which just wastes precious coolant.

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      I remember reading somewhere that the vortex tubes can be quite loud when running. Especially one thats big enough to produce a temp drop of any useable ammount.


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        Another negative for a vortex cooler, or cold air gun is that they use a very large quantity of air. For cooling and lubricating purposes, a mist cooler is more effecient and cheaper to operate.
        Jim H.


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          Do you think mist will be chipper to drive?..


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            do you think an small cold air will cause endmill or any carbide cutter to break? is that the case I will not buy the cold gun them. looks like it is a expensive way to keep the cutter cold.. Do you have any idea if mist take a lot of coolant? Does the mist evaporate or we have to have a tray or pam to avoid the mess for liquid coming in from air?


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              One thing not noted in all of this. No matter your direction, one eason for flood coolant, mist guns, and cool air guns is to prevent "chip re-cut" in pockets, slots, and on edges in some cases. Same with drilling, ect. Really nothing to do with coolant or lube. Chip re-cut is an issue especially with materials that gum up fast, or have work hardening properties. The chips are already "work hardened" to a degree, and on the next cut are hardened that much more. The gummy stuff like some aluminums, the chip is smaller all the more, thus creates a great deal of heat in the very small area, and creates Bulid Up Edge.

              I have a little mist cooler I have changed to air to blow chips out in many cases. Good guarding around to control chip flying.

              Just an additional idea to throw out to you all.
              CCBW, MAH