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New 7x12 Band Saw

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  • New 7x12 Band Saw

    After unpacking the saw I found this thing; it was in a small ziplock bag. No mention in the manual of it. Is it some sort of sample cut from the saw?

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    Is it some sort of sample cut from the saw?
    Apparently - I got the same thing with my Enco saw on delivery - which by the way, check out this pic of my saw as it was just unwrapped from the crate and see if it looks familiar, and then a pic of my 'slice' that came with it, with a couple I made after setting it up, I was quite impressed. Have had the saw couple years now and has performed flawlessly. I have never used the coolant system, in fact I took it off a few months ago and put it on a surface grinder I had bought that didnt have it - it needed one.

    (edit) after posting this I remembered I had done a review of it back when I got it -with these pics - in case youre interested...

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