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anyone want a large dust extractor??

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  • anyone want a large dust extractor??

    Well I did warn you Alistair ps love you guys
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Ah yeah, I missed this sort of thread.

    Welcome back.
    This product has been determined by the state of California to cause permanent irreversible death. This statement may or may not be recognized as valid by all states.
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      Back in 1972/73 when I worked in the Yukon at Clinton Creek as a Floorwalker in an asbestos mill, we would have to make regular inspections of the bags in the wheelabrator room, which would have been about the size of the one shown. I'd use a mask when I went in there (thick! with rock and asbestos dust) and every time when I came out, if I blew my nose there would always be blood in with the snot. Afterwards when I learned more about the hazards, I fully expected to be dead before my 50th birthday, but knock on wood (Ouch!) I'm still here at 59 years old! This was back in the "good old days" when Cassiar Asbestos Corp was telling us asbestos dust wouldn't hurt us and their "hand picked" company Doctor would take his air samples in the mill during the one shift a week we shut down for maintenance.

      Just a little useless FYI....
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        And a "Buy it Now" no less!!


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          Cripes, it would take me a over a week to fill that thing up.