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    There have been a few discussions about prescription safety glasses, so I thought this link might appropriate.

    A friend of mine is an Optician, with a very high tech practice in London. He's written an article aimed at motorcycle riders, but with much of relevance to others.

    Parts 1 and 2 can be found at
    Paul Compton

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    Thanks for the link. The bit about specially ground curved lenses to improve peripheral vision was news to me.


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      Very interesting to me Paul. I have a type of arthritis that has totally fused my spine, neck included, and my head is pulled forward at a pretty severe angle. The only way I can see anywhere except straight ahead is by eye movement. I have been wishing for glasses like that for a long time, but have never heard of such a thing in this part of the U.S. Ask your friend sometime if he knows anyone in the states doing this type of thing.
      Thanks James