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It's SB9 time again

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  • It's SB9 time again

    Hi again folks, hope you merican cousins dint eat too much turkey anyway I have had a chip tray made for my SB9 model "C" 3 foot, now I want to drill the holes in the tray for the lathe feet. I know I can take the dimensions off of the lathe itself, but it seems to me that at one time I seen these dinensions someplace, and as the lathe is still bolted in place I'd like to drill the holes befor hand. As you know, any help will be appreciated. Jim

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    Can't help you with numbers, but a "slide in tray" would be easy to clean.

    (besides this forwards you)


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      On my 9C the mounting bolts are out in the I'm thinking that yours must be different.(?)


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        I think I'd be inclined to measure them, anyway. Who knows...South Bend may have changed their mind several times on hole spacing over the years.
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