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Grinder motor RIP?

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  • Grinder motor RIP?

    Was using my grinder tonight. RPMs suddenly slowed by about 15%. I smelled something. And the grinder got hot.

    It's this style but 6" with no frills at all.

    Is there anything to do except pitch it? It's hard to believe I can replace the motor, even if I could find one to fit it, for much less than the cost of a new grinder.

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    Should be a split phase capacitor run motor,in which case it may just be the cap.Look for obvious damage to the cap,split melted case etc.

    If it is the cap,get a run cap of the same rating and install it outside the case if you have to.AC supply houses,motor shops and Grainger all sell run caps.
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      You have a candidate for a good exercise. Rewind the motor. Document the slot/coil group layout and strip out the old winding, carefully count the turns, and install the new coils. That should be a two pole machine (3600 rpm) and an easy wind.



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        The wire will cost more than a new grinder. It is also a lot of time to spend especially if you haven't rewound a motor before. Rewinding is very handy if you need to change the operating chanracteristics for some reason but it isn't worth doing on something cheap like that machine.
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