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Anyone have experience with the Ingersoll-Rand air compressor recall?

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  • Anyone have experience with the Ingersoll-Rand air compressor recall?

    This one:

    Just curious about how the experience went.
    How long did it take?
    Did you get the check or a new compressor?
    Which one of the several they offer in the exchange did you get?
    Was it brand new or a "factory rebuilt" unit?
    Was it a good deal price-wise, or did hidden charges eat into the rebate?
    Any other pertinent comments would be appreciated.
    Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.

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    11 20~30 year old compressors out of 458,000 blew? Due to 'corrsion'? Aka 'I did'nt bother to drain the water outta the tank'?

    I seriously would'nt bother. Infact, that sounds like its probley one of the better failure rates around, I can bet you not one of those 11 tanks had ever been hydrotested after being sold.

    How many chinese/'New american iron' tanks do you think blow in the first year they are owned? I bet its more then 11 per year!
    (Weird fact: My princess auto bottom of the line 5HP $1000 compressor actualy came with full tank certs, and i seem to recall it was actualy WELDED IN CANADA! Gasp, shock, horror. I did'nt know we had jobs here..)

    How on earth you can get a recall for 11 achient compressors blowing up yet lots of cars with the same 'cruise control deactivation switch' do not get recalled (even though some have) and the only recall action was to add a friggen fuse to the switch, Not replace it with one that yaknow, does not tend to be very hot and catch fire when the car is parked at night while you sleep.

    and a $100 rebate or a $200 towards a new compressor? you could nodoubt sell that compressor for more on craigslist! Especialy since its a good brand name and has lasted all these years! Hell, if you where close and I needed a 3rd compressor, id give you $200 for it right now. Hell, id buy it for my brother (the one I like, not the one I hate, id buy him a chinese oilless compressor)
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      mines an Ingersoll rand made in that period ..but not portable .

      mine must be painted inside ..because Ive never had rust come out of it ..just clear water even after a couple of months .

      all the best.markj


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        HA! This is the compressor I just fixed the rod on in another thread. I know every time I empty my tank it is all rust.

        Hmmm, send in my compressor that I bought for $50 7 years ago and get $100?


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            Safety is good.

            Safety is important.

            But, 11 / 485 000 = .0026804124% failure rate. (2.26804124 × 10-5)

            Ingersoll Rand should be getting an award for several things-
            - such an extremely low failure rate.
            - being still in business after all these years given competition.

            The CPSC and the various Canadian Equivalent Agencies should make importers - Harbor Freight and Princess Auto live up to the same standards that they make manufacturers follow. They hide behind their 'retailer' only status, when in fact they are the only game in town. Consumers are left with no recourse with their foreign suppliers that HF and PA change as quickly as dirty underwear.

            BTW, I used to be the biggest advocate of Princess Auto, but, 4 of my last 10 purchases were junk. They did not even meet occasional use standards and PA would not honor their Royal Guarantee.