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Rotary phase converter question

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  • Rotary phase converter question

    As previously mentioned, electricity is not my specialty(to say the least) so I ask this out of ignorance.

    If you can take 1ph into a 3ph motor by using start capacitors and relays and turn the motort to produce single phase power, why not just us the power from the turning shapt to power your equipment?

    In other words why not just add these compoents to your existing 3ph equipment and skip the RPC as a separate unit?

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    You have just described the "static phase converter".

    As for a reason, because three phase is much smoother, but running as you suggest using two wires is single phase. Once turning, the 3 phase motor can use single phase, at somewhat reduced power, and rougher operation.
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      Because with the RPC you get the benefit of the motor-generator effect which means any motor that is run off of it will run smoother and with more power.

      It also means you don't have to necessarily modify the wiring on each and every machine you buy.

      Another advantage if you intend to add machines at a later date is you can pickup a three phase breaker panel and breakers and feed it with the RPC.Then as you add machines all you need do is add breakers and run wire.
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        too pile on, in addition, the idle motor is but a small part of the cost of building a phase converter; contactors, start caps, run caps, switch, disconnect, large electrical box etc end up a being a more than the old three phase motor you use as an idler


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          Ok, got it now. I knew the must have been a reason. Static phase converter, I had no idea how those worked.

          Thank you