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Shortwave radio in the shop

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    Originally posted by Dragons_fire
    unless youre using earphones, youre not going to be able to hear the radio over any of the tools anyways. It they have a big enough electric motor on them to cause enough interference, they are going to be loud enough that you wont be able to hear it.
    He's right. I have an Icom IC 7000 transceiver and a 2 meter for around town in my shop. I have no problems with interference but then again, I absolutely never run the mill, lathe or shaper while trying to listen to ANY radio or TV as it's just too loud. If the machinery did bother the radio I still wouldn't hear it for all the machine noise. The radio is nice company when setting up for other operations.

    Buy yourself something like magnet wire, run it around you trusses, sheetrock over it and see how it plays. My guess is it will fit your needs easily unless of course you are working for 5 Band DXCC
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      HEARING the radio?

      if you can hear the AM or FM, you can hear the SW.... The question is WHAT will you hear...

      There are hundreds of areas around town here where when you get near AC lines of any sort, even a local full power clear channel AM radio station is completely blanked out. Typically by a roaring noise, but a few have a really odd noise that sounds more like sound effects from a bad SF movie.

      if all you have is regular induction motors and no VFD, you probably won't have much local problem, if the AC is clean coming in.

      Add VFDs, etc, etc, and the trouble starts.

      High voltage lines over a mile from the Chrysler plant (oops, sorry, the FIAT plant, now closed) gave off enough noise to totally destroy AM reception. You can figure that plant was full of drives, welders, and every other sort of industrial noisemaker.

      SW starts above AM, and many things might be muted by 10 or 15 mHz, but not always. Switching devices have a LOT of harmonics.
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