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Shortwave radio in the shop

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  • darryl
    The wire does not have to be bare, except for where you make a connection to it. Where you run the wire is going to make a lot of difference. You would very likely find that if you run it around inside the shop, it will pick up so much interference that it would be a wasted effort. Ideally, you run it away from power lines, and of course you orient it for best reception. This is my opinion only, but I think that if you run it around inside the building, or up on the rafters, etc, you won't be happy with the results.

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  • J Richardson
    started a topic Shortwave radio in the shop

    Shortwave radio in the shop


    In my quest to complete my shop before winter, I need to set up an antenna and ground for some shortwave listening. Before sheeting the walls, I ran a wire outside for a future longwire connection. But, as I'm getting closer to sheeting the ceiling, I was wondering if I couldn't staple my antenna to the top of the roof trusses, and not have to worry about snow, ice etc. Anyone have some basic lengths and/or configuations that might work? The garage is 24x32, with the 24 foot length being the same as the truss peak. Also, does the wire have to be bare, or can I pick up a spool of #14 and use that? Haven't done this since I was a kid, and the memory is a little rusty.