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    Alright, I'm planning on buying some carbide rotary burs to clean up some cast iron prior to welding. Enco has some onsale, but I'm not really sure how to use them, to be honest.

    I figured they'd go in a die grinder but I'm trying to decide between single cut and double cut.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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    Afaik single cut are generaly wider and more open, for aluminum

    Double cut have chipbreakers, and will hog out steel like nobodys business. Warning: they do love to dig in an skitter a little bit. Wayyyy more metal removal then abrasive stones.

    And yes they go in die grinders.
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      CAUTION !!!
      When you're grinding Cast Iron with those burrs in a die grinder, MAKE SURE you wear full-coverage safety goggles, and maybe even a face shield as well.
      Those burrs on Cast Iron love to make splintery, powdery, grit that almost always blows up into your face.
      I should know.... I've been to the Med-Clinic 3 different times to have that Cast Iron crap/grit removed from my eye. And I even wear safety glasses!!!


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        i use my double cut burrs in a front exhaust die grinder. gets the crap away from you when your working. however if your in a corner, its all gonna come back at ya anyway.

        sigle cut burrs make NASTY little slivers that seem to attach themselves to everything around your work area and are really annoying. . .