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Fixing worn splined shaft and hub

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  • Fixing worn splined shaft and hub

    I have a tractor with a splined shaft that holds an arm for lifting the three-point attachments.

    The splines are rather fine, about 1/8" across the teeth or the grooves.

    The hub part of the arm has some free movement (rotational). This wear doesn't hurt the operations, but I am fearful that in time there will not be sufficient "grip" to do the job.

    Short of replacing the parts, I am thinking about using "Lock-tite" or similar to secure it and keep it from showing play in the rotational direction, as it does now.

    Not making any measurements, I'd estimate the clearance between meshed parts to be about 0.010" perhaps 0.020" max.

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    Take a look at Loctite Quick metal


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      Have they a tapered bottom? Some do, the retaining bolt needs to be kept tight. I've had a lot of dealings with steering arms on John Deeres, when they are let get loose they start wallering out. I've faced bottom side of a bunch of them, letting them get tight on the taper. I then have to make a special stepped washer for top side.

      Straight splines, I'd try Paul's suggestion of Loctite Quick Metal, or a metal filled epoxy such as JB weld, metalset, Devcon, etc. Torch will loosen this stickum filler if need be for repairs on rockshaft, 3 pt.

      Got to keep that stuff tight, a little play wears things out.