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Forming Acetal gears.

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  • Forming Acetal gears.

    Some weeks ago I showed how I had heat formed some lightweight ABS gears and Evan tried the same with Acetal. If I recall correctly, Evan tried heating the blank but the forming failed.

    Now that I have some black plastic which is probably not Acetal but I tried it anyway. It is much harder than the ABS was and there was no sign of it forming without added head.

    This time I put the blank on an arbor in the chuck and mounted the steel gear on the tool post, I pressed the gear against the rotating blank which started the familiar rumbling sound then I put my heat gun to the edge of the gear and when the rumbling eased I advanced the feed and repeated until the teeth were formed at full depth. Success!

    Well formed teeth that appear to be full strength but I can not get rid of the hairy edges!

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    Load the 'hairy' gear with grease and proclaim victory.


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      So, would that be hobbing or forming?


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        Yea, Call the hairs 'Oil wicking surface' or something

        Nice job.
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          Yes, obviously the technique needs a bit more development!


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            Originally posted by dp
            So, would that be hobbing or forming?
            fobbing, or horming


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              Would the hairy gears and unusual technique make this guerilla or gorilla machining then?
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