Recently I was lamenting my total failure on fitting a back plate to my 4-jaw.

First, as per recommendations, I shimmed my rear bearing cover with some .003" aluminum shim stock. Woulda used steel but I had none. To my surprise, the spindle seems happy now.

I ran the machine at about 30 RPM (thank goodness for back gears) which comes out to about 40 sfm. That's a little slow so I'll bump it up next time.

Using Chicom HSS I had no trouble cleaning up the mess I made of the boss and turning a reasonable shoulder. It took forever, heh.

The HSS performed well enough. I had to resharpen a few times but the bits looked worn, not abraded.

The boss's diameter is .25" oversize so I have lots of opportunity to practice...

I have a set of indexable turning tools on the way too. I got a selection of pointy-cornered and not-as-pointy-cornered inserts.

Thanks for the help, HSM!