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Threaded Rods? Or is there another way?...

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  • Threaded Rods? Or is there another way?...

    I am working on a prototype for a game I am creating and I am trying to place a 1 foot long Acrylic Rod (1/4'' or less) or some form of Plastic Rod to a rubber base. There is a hole in the rubber so the Rod would stick straight up. This piece needs to be able to be attached and detached as necessary.

    I am stuck figuring out how to do this.

    Ideally, this piece would have a threaded base so I could attach a fitting plastic Flange Nut around the Rod, located at the top and bottom of the rubber. Problem is, I can't find any Rods that are threaded with just the bottom, or that are this small in diameter.

    Is it possible to add a thread to an Acrylic Rod? Is there another way I can do this? I have thought about a clamp of some sort but I don't think that will secure the Rod in place.

    Any ideas?

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    One issue is the annoying property of Acrylic to stress crack at sharp edges. (Like machined thread roots on external, and the tip of internal machined threads.) Stress cracks can occur without outside forces.

    Can you put a glue on collar on the top?
    As far as locking at the bottom, perhaps a pen!s shape with an o-ring to stop it from being withdrawn?


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      Using glue for the top section could work but adding a bulb shape to the bottom would involve some sort of customization. I'm trying to think or standard parts or pieces so I can produce many in the future.

      A custom made plastic piece would work but I'm trying to avoid those costs. Is there a thin plastic rod that exists with a threaded bottom.... That is cheap?

      if the acrylic rod will only work in it's current cylinder form, I may need to switch to a solic plastic rod or maybe a hollow tube.


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        One option: make the rubber thick and the hole undersized and press fit.

        Clear rod with threaded end? Check. around $3. Comes with a piece of rubber on the end, too. It is called a toilet plunger. Now are you still sure you want a rubber base on the end of a stick of those dimensions, given the obvious connotations?


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          nice call on the toilet plunger... not too far off actually!

          Pressing it to fit isn't a bad idea. For the next version I create I will make the hole about 2/8 and try to fit through a rod that is larger. It may just stay in place...

          I just thought of something that might work until I can afford a proper custom plastic piece with threading... a rubber band.

          Slap a rubber band on the bottom and it won't run down the rod, and it will also plug the hole up to prevent the rod from slipping through the rubber piece.