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longer lasting hinges

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  • longer lasting hinges

    I built a metal shed and used i/2" 4'x8' plywood sheets trimmed with 1x6"s for doors. The problem is the hinges become rusted and start to bind despite being oiled occasionally.
    Does anyone have an idea for making hinges that won't bind despite the rust? Thanks Paul

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    Yea, Its called brass. Or stainless. Etc.
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      I think with heavy doors like that brass could have problems with wear. How about a hollow hinge pin with a grease fitting? There are hinges made that way, but if you already have some, perhaps you could drill out the pins.


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        Long lasting gate hinges

        This is a weld on hinge but the concept can be adapted to use on wooden gates. This shows the overall view. In service the pieces are rotated out of phase with their exentricity.

        This shows the individual pieces.

        I don’t always use the grease fitting and just pack the cavity with good wheel bearing grease. They work great and I have never had a problem with one. There are several variations of this sold at the welding shop. Not my idea, I just copied it. It is the kind of simple project that I get gratification out of making.
        Byron Boucher
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          Same principle as above only the commercial version

          I have made the weld on type in the link for my gates using second hand CV balls. I packed them with grease when assembled and they have been up for over 10 years with no maintenance.



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            You can buy stainless hinges in virtually every size and shape you get regular hinges in.

            For larger loads, I use ball bearing hinges- but thats hardly needed for 1/2" plywood.

            Just get some stainless ones.


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              I use stainless for all my outside gates and doors.


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                You can get hinges intended for a "maritime" climate. They are hot-dipped galvanised steel with brass pins. You may have to look a bit but they ARE available. The padlock shackles on my shed have brass pins.
                Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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                  Depends what hinges you're talking about

                  The hook and band hinges you buy from iron merchants etc ..are only japanned ..and to make them last must take them to bare metal ..and apply your own paint to them...then grease them on the pivot points with the green underwater grease...also put this grease under the band before you screw it into place

                  Some are also galvanised these before the japanned ones

                  Brass butt hinges are available with steel washer inserts between the segments..the sapele doors i am hanging will be hung with this type of hinge i have them ready here go on.

                  all the best.markj