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interesting lathe bed

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  • interesting lathe bed

    This lathe is/was for sale in an online directory:

    "finishing lathe Wemara"

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    Looks like one solid piece of machinery.
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      What's a finishing lathe?


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        Also known as a second op lathe. Often set up with a form tool or something like that to do a finishing operation, cut a part to length or something like that.


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          That's actually a pretty nice design they have. Good and rigid, plus all the chips and coolant flow away from you and off the ways.

          Slant bed CNC's have the ways oriented in the opposite direction from that one so the chips fall down, but they also cut on the back side.


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            WEMARA is an ex-GDR company.
            "VEB Werkzeug- und Optikmaschinenfabrik Rathenow-Mِgelin (WEMARA)"
            They built lathes and machines for the optical industry.

            Second op lathes were mostly used to make the "other side" of a part turned in an other lathes. Often enough it was just planing and cutting to length or other simple ops. Also used to reduce the load of a more expensive lathe and finish the part on that second op lathe.
            They often lack essential thinks like thread cutting etc.



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              I knew that reminded me of something. The Willson lathe is another slant-bed.

              Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                Originally posted by rohart
                I knew that reminded me of something. The Willson lathe is another slant-bed.

                hi there i've just picked up a willson slant bed lathe today i'll try and post some pictures tomorrow for anybody interested
                cheers Tom...


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                  It looks like a decent machine,
                  Hardinge CNC are slant beds and I have used an Empire slant bed also.
                  Solid and they control chips and coolant flow.
                  The collets look strange. If you are interested, check collets for both quality and availability first.
                  Can you put an XY top and cross slide on it easily?????
                  K Liv