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OT New home furnace recommendations?

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  • OT New home furnace recommendations?

    I'm thinking about replacing my aging furnace soon to take advantage of the Energy Tax Credit deal. Any recommendations? It would be a natural gas/forced air. Thanks!

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    Energy Tax Credit deal ???

    you mean you get a deal on natural gas ..i thought it was that that they were trying to stop..
    the deals in our country are on wood pellet/ sawdust stoves ....ground source heating ..air source heating heating..anything that is renewable that they list.

    all the Best.markj


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      I believe the new furnace would have to be 95% effecient to qualify. Beats the snot out of the 34yo one I have now, which is maybe 60%ish.


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        I'm in the same boat. We've been here 20 and the previous owner, I
        think about 15 so it's close to 35 but still working (also Natural gas)
        but all these "high efficiencies" that i've been around make so darn
        much noise, what with the forced draft etc.
        I guess I'll start to look into it soon to see if there have been any
        improvements. A big concern is I probably won't be able to work on
        it myself what with all the printed circuit boards and no schematics.


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          95 percent efficient ..means its a condenser....

          That means that not only is it 95 efficient ..but its got the reliability of a washing machine .,.and will cost you dear the years to come ..if you are unable to fix it yourself ..

          Some here in the UK have terrible reliability problems .."which magazine" did a survey of 3000 households that had new condensing boilers fitted ......26 percent of the most reliable makes of the boilers broke down and had to be fixed in the first four yerars...they were the best ones ..some were scoring near 100 percent of buggering up in that four year test.

          We are not aloud to touch most parts of the boiler ..means calling in one of the now elitist plumbers ..who now charge lawyers fees.

          all the best.markj


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            Thats my fear also--as inefficient as my current unit is, it's very user friendly.


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              Originally posted by sidegrinder
              Thats my fear also--as inefficient as my current unit is, it's very user friendly.
              Here, the honest plumbers tell you to hold on to your old boiler as long as you can...keep repairing it ..untill it becomes uneconomical to fix or the parts dry up.

              one fix in a year, for one of these condensers, can blow all your savings in energy efficiency for two or three years...and some, maybe most.. of these new boilers only have life spans of less than ten years...where as the old ones just soldered on for up to 30 years without much trouble .

              EDIT yours is already at over 30 years though ..and probably living on borrowed time ..

              ask in the American Home maintenance forums what the most reliable of these new boilers is ..befgore you spend your hard earned money on one ..

              the UK forums tell me that a Viessmann boiler is the best ...strangely one had one in the 3000 people which magazine test.

              all the best.markj
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                Originally posted by aboard_epsilon
                That means that not only is it 95 efficient ..but its got the reliability of a washing machine .,.and will cost you dear the years to come ..if you are unable to fix it yourself ..
                I wish my furnace performed as well as the washing machine....and if you buy say a Carrier, it doesn't matter whether you fix it yourself; you are summarily nailed to the wall on parts. I've had 3 separate +- $1000 parts go on the high efficiency (high efficient for Carrier's bottom line I'm sure) furnace, all after warranty of course.
                in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                  I sure hope this doesn't jinx me bad...if it does it's your fault Mcgyver

                  When we built the cabin 5 years ago I had the top of the line Carrier and A/C unit installed. So far I am very pleased with it. We are on propane far out in the sticks for anything else. My propane usage is quit a bit under the neighbors around me and we are on a hill were we get lots of I heat my shop with propane during the winter.

                  Now...don't ask me about Whirlpool was less than 5 years old when the drum spider cracked....replaced it with a new Samsung direct drive and it is noticibly quieter and smoother on the high speed spin cycle than the Whirpool ever was. I am going to part out the Whirlpool and see what I can use the motor and water heater for…
                  Pics of shop and some projects


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                    I hate high efficiency furnaces.

                    Our old furnace was in the house almost 30 years before we replaced it with a high efficiency condensing Carrier. That damn thing broke down so often I HAD to fix it myself, or we couldn't afford to use it. Sensors, boards, relays, motors, switches, you name it. Many parts went bad multiple times. The only parts that didn't go bad were the heat exchanger and the cabinet!

                    After 20 years with that pelican, we had it replaced by an HVAC guy that's a personal friend of a guy at work. He seems pretty decent and honest - he told me I did really well to get that much life out of the one I did!

                    Supposedly they "re-engineer" the units every 3-4 years. Just about the time they get all the bugs worked out of the old one, they come out with a brand new model.

                    The really crushing part about furnace number 2 was that our gas consumption did NOT decrease at all. So either my old "60%" furnace was a lot better than everyone claimed, or my 93% was no where near as efficient as it was supposed to be. Plus the repairs were not cheap.....

                    Edit -
                    The furnace that is in my 1500 sq. ft. shop is a cheap 80k btu 80% efficiency that was an 8 year old pull out from a house destroyed in the Plainfield, Illinois tornado 20 or so years ago. It's been running out there without complaint and needing NO REPAIRS for over a dozen years.
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                    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!


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                      We are very happy with the Lennox we put in last year. It was spendy, but it is mighty damn efficient. Their 16 SEER AC is mighty good too. If you are using your old duct work, make sure it is sealed and sufficiently insulated. No sense in heating your attic or crawl space.

                      Do yourself a favor and see if your TV carrier has America One News Network (AONN). 208 on Uverse. It is good old fashion news, unlike the networks, with no hype, bias or other BS.


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                        My expirience was I called four companies.I had four guys show up.Three looked at what was already there and said "thanks,I'll call with a price".The fourth measured the house,the rooms,counted and measured the doors and windows,asked about insulation.Then hooked up his equipment and a fan system to create a negative pressure in the house and while he was taking readings he walked me around with a smoke pen and showed me how loose the house is.Once he had a heat loss analysis he could figure what size equipment the house needed and where duct work needed changes.He gave me the estimate broken down showing the comparison of four different systems.
                        With all this done NOW we were ready to make a decision.....air source heat pump with electric back works like a dream.


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                          Here is a great site for HVAC questions..



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                            I've been using a Trane Mdl. XV90 for a handful of years. Works like a charm, and is highly rated. When it gets cold here, and your furnace dies, you have a day or so before your house freezes. Reliability is an important word around here. Oh, it has a low and high fire. At minus 30, high fire only fires in the morning,(set-back stat), then purrs along throughout the day.


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                              I had a Tempstar furnace installed six years ago. Other than changing the filter a couple times a winter it's been maintenance free. We get long winters up here in northern Canada.