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What grease to use on drill press quill?

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  • What grease to use on drill press quill?

    Now that I've ripped apart our old drill press and got all the bearings out, I totally disassembled every piece of that thing for a good cleaning to get all the old hardened factory grease out.

    Now that everything is clean, what's the best type of grease to use on the quill and pinion? There was a lot of grease in there, now slightly hardened and a very dark brown color.

    The bearings were toast. Looks like new bearings will cost me about $50 delivered from McMaster.

    I do have some Mobil XHP-221 and XHP-222 here, along with some plain lithium grease from the auto store.......
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  • #2 Might be an alternative source for your bearings, pertty cheap, good service (Once sent me 10 bearings with rubber seals, I ordered metal, They sent me 10 more bearings with metal seals free of charge, even though the rubber would of worked, and let me keep the rubber sealed bearings)

    Might not be the best quality bearings in the world but oh well...
    Weigh it out, price of bearings verus difficulty to replace.
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      Call Lynne at the link below. She'll know exactly what you need. Have any bearing numbers and or ID, OD and width won't be dissapointed in their service.