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Restoring the Old Gas Cap

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  • Restoring the Old Gas Cap

    Here is a little project I finished up on Sunday. I got tired of not being able to see how much gas was left in the tank of my lawn tractor. As you can see by the first picture how after a while the gas attacks the plastic lens. I carefully turned out the remains of the original lens, hole sawed out a blank...... I used Lexan instead of plexi, I believe Lexan will not be affected as much by gas. After I cut the blank lens out I faced off an aluminum round and affixed the lens to it with double sided tape so I could turn down the edge of to fit the gage. Worked out just fine. It's a perfect press fit in. I may use some RTV ot something to permantly secure it in place, I also may have to drill a small .020 hole for air.


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    Foops................... Forgot the finished picture. Dam site only lets you post 4 pics.



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      Gas Gauge

      Nice job...I have the same problem on my JD 212 will I restored a few years ago. Never got this issue..Looks like a winter project once the snow comes.


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        Nice job! If you're like me you'll feel stupid every time you get on your lawn mower and appreciate damn gas cap I suffered with cement block sidewalk into the house for years. One summer I replaced it with concrete sidewalk. I lived in that house for about 8 years and I have to tell you, every time my damn feet hit that concrete it felt special to me. I never ever took it for granted The darn thing was only about 12 feet long
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          You did a good job on a common problem that is not often solved except by buying a new cap. I like that kind of resourcefulness.
          Don Young


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            Good job, amazing how long we put up with stuff just like that and then amazed how improved it is when it is repaired.