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OT:Breakers yard.

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  • OT:Breakers yard.

    You guys got anywhere like this in the Americas?


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    Be interesting going round checking the number plates to see how many have "Dissappeared" from sites around Britain/The World??

    Regards Ian.
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      Not necessarily prize winning for size or diversity, but auto wreckers, machine wreckers, etc. exist over here in various forms from those who strip the parts and will ship anywhere via freight to "pick a part" yards where you remove the item from the car itself.

      Lots here are interconnected with "parts finder networks" via the internet like these guys or these guys

      Many of these yards are facing environmental issues, though from leaking antifreeze and assorted oils. The standards have tightened upover time, so the older yards are the ones with the biggest issues.
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        There's a huge farm and heavy machinery yard about a mile west of Pavo, GA.

        You can use the lat/long 30.95819,-83.74952 in Google maps, or this link:
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