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  • Another Tangential tool holder

    I have an affinity for this type of tool holder having purchased a "Diamond Tool Holder" a few years ago. Even made an integral style unit for the A2Z QCTP with a 3/16" tool bit.

    So when I saw this one (NOS) at a machinery dealer recently, I had to have it. The price was very fair as well. The name on the holder is "Felsch Stahl Halter" and is about 3/4" high and about 10mm wide.

    It uses a carbide insert brazed to the steel back that has a dovetail for clamping. I cut off about half of the insert - I guess the tool is designed for a wide range of lathes

    Had a piece of 3" diam 1045 in my scrap box so I made up a toolpost. Round seemed a good idea since the tool is set at about 45 degrees to get both facing and turning. My big lathe is an 11" swing Std. Modern and the base of the toolpost is 1/2" high.

    Continued on next post.

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    The other item that I purchased was a threading bit.

    It has a fair amount of back rake and, with the large amount of front clearance, should make threading a snap. Haven't yet tried threading yet but the other insert leaves a wicked finish and I can let it rip.

    I think the amount of cutting surface on this type of system will mean that they will outlast me!!

    I remember "Oldtiffie" showing the "I-Fanger"(?) unit he has. This is similar.

    So, now I have a tangentail tool system for each of my lathes.