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    Another question on 3 in 1 machines brought this idea to mind once again. Subjects like how to thread, leveling a lathe, phase converters, and several others, come up over and over again.

    For the very frequently asked questions, why don't we start a clean thread on the seldom-used networking page, to "store" it? This has been done successfully before. We can then refer a newbie to a complete and thorough thread on a specific topic. We can save ourselves some typing, while not shorting people on much needed and valuable information. I would think we want to start simple and try to progress linearly, keep the posts on topic, be concise, and try to avoid highly subjective information if possible.

    Just a thought.
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    Back when I worked at DEC, there were things called "notesfiles" on VAX computers, similar in concept to this forum. There were a lot of employee-interest ones, and a few of them, like this one, had some worthwhile content that was worth referring back to. The moderator of the HomeImprovement notesfile at one point took it upon himself to sort through all the thousands of posted notes, categorize them, combine the duplicate topics, and create an index/table of contents for the whole thing. So, when a new person came along asking for the umpteenth time "how do you install replacement storm windows?" they'd get referred to the index/TOC.

    ...which is basically what we need here, but I don't know who would ever do it, or how. The topic notes in the VAX notesfiles were all sequentially numbered, as were the replies to the topic so one could refer to, say, reply 1793.84 (reply 84 to the 1793rd topic) and pretty easily locate anything.

    ...but this forum isn't set up that way, unfortunately. Maybe somebody who knows more about how this thing is organized will have some ideas of how to implement a rational index/TOC for it.
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      That wouldn't be all that hard to do. The web pages listing the topics may be copied and then pasted into Excel. It then may be sorted into alphabetical order. The links still work from within Excel and the entire topic list can be easily searched in Excel. It would take some time, something I'm a bit short on right now.
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        Before I started posting on the board I went through most of the post, there weren't that many, to get a feel for what the board was all about. It took time and effort but it was worth while. The newbies should do the same thing before they post. Many of the beginners questions have been answered already but it will also help the newbie if we take the time to answer the question as long as they are not argumentative about the answers given. When they get argumentative I just stay away from the thread. It would be nice to be able to point to an old thread but I don't know how to do that. Think it would be very time consuming at this point.

        I think this is the best Board on the net.




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          Don't get me wrong, I like the format of this board a LOT more than the Yahoo boards but, like everything, it could stand some improvement. Specifically, a files section would provide an area for FAQs and other items we would refer to frequently. I can understand why it may not be possible to implement a picture area as they can take up a lot of space but for text files I think it would be a good idea.

          I think I've seen another board that uses the same software as this one and it had a "sort of" files section implemented as a separate forum. I think only selected moderators had the privledge to post stuff there but everyone could read them.

          Neal, are you listening? Would/could you implement such a thing? If you don't have the time to administer it, perhaps one or more of the old time members would. Set up threads and copy old threads from the existing Forums to it.

          Paul A.
          Paul A.
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          Make it fit.
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            Just click on search at top of page. Type in smithy and forums you want searched. In this case, I checked all three and got 85 responses.
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              What I would like to see on the 3 in 1 machines is what doesn't work and why.

              Did the file search and most of what I found is more like the Chevy vs Ford fight or a comparason to a totally single purpose machine. Jerry


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                Thus my proposed solution. It is entirely delt with by the users, within the board as it currently exists.
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