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  • OT non machining questions, transducers

    Hey guys this has nothing to do with machining but I've got a problem and I'm looking for some help. I've got a "neighbor": across the street who has been letting her dogs on my property. I asked her nicely to keep them off my property and she went ballistic and then proceded to tell me that she was on the homeowners association board and if I complained she could cause me a lot of grief. Every morning and evening she walks up to the edge of my lawn and lets her dogs out on those extend leashes about 25ft long. I don't blame the dogs she is in essence giving them the go ahead to roam the yard by letting out the leashes.
    I've looked at the ultrasonic dog deterents as that would be a non conflict way to keep them off but reviews of them show shoddy workmanship as many die in a month or two or are weak, only proviving protection at close range.
    Since I live in a neighborhood with a home owners association I can't put anything in the yard like a post near the road as it would "interfere with the mowers", small yards so everyone's yard is mowed by a service, so I would have to put it in a planting area about 25-30ft from the road.
    I'm thinking of finding some high power ultrasonic transducers and try to build one that would reach the distance and still be strong enough to stop the dogs without harming them. I'd just like to keep them on the opposite side of the road.
    It would need to be discreet and inaudable to humans with an on/off switch that I could activate from inside when she takes them out.
    I really need some help on this as I don't know squat about electronics. Would this idea work? Where to buy the transduces and what type? How to go about building the device? or if anyone has access to the parts and could build it, let me know how much and if I can afford it I'll buy it.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Use a BB gun.

    Not for the dogs (they are not to blame), but the owner.

    What an arse that woman must be. This is the kind of thing that fortifies my faith in my own homeowners's me and my wife and no one else. No paying fees for communal living for me, thanks. Good luck.

    Seriously now, call her on this. Get a cheap video camera, record what she's doing and bring it to a board meeting along with her threat. She'll be in the minority. If worse comes to worse, push her off the HOA board and replace her with yourself.
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      Anything negative you do probably won't end well.
      These things end up in court and on TV because they look so petty to the rest of us.

      Best befriend the dogs and give them treats when they go on your lawn.
      Offer to walk them.
      It might disturb the owner enough to change her ways.

      My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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        If your state allows one party knowledge or recordings then wear a recorder and cordially ask her again to keep her dogs out of your property. When she threatens to screw you over with the homeowners association perhaps you've got her for some type of illegal threat to take to the DA. Or of course you could build a catapult in your shop and return the doggie deposits airmail.
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          There are plenty of transducers, amplifiers & signal generators for sale on Ebay:

          Any help?

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            Thanks for the replies so far guys but I'm really leary of doing anything that can be attributed to myself, I'm looking for that covert answer to the problem.
            If I can make the yard unpleasant for the dogs without any visible or audible means to her, then that is the perfect solution.
            Ian those are interesting links, it does appear that something can be built that will alleviate the probem but doesn't appear that those will do what I need as the Kh range is in the audible spectrum. It's given me hope though that I may be able to find something that will work.

            Thanks, Jim


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              Get large bags or containers of ground cayenne pepper and sprinkle on your yard at the part you do not want the dogs to be in. The dogs will not get neer your yard but once. This is legal it will not hurt your grass or the dogs or the owner. I use the method to keep strays out of my wifes garden. It works like a charm. The best part is the dog owner will have no idea why her dogs will not go neer your yard.


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                So far, the pepper sounds like the better solution.

                Even if you prevent the dog from doing its business in your yard, you are just pushing it farther down the road to become someone else's problem. 'Course, that someone else may have the resources or wherewithal to resist or counteract the trouble that the dog owner may try to bring the bear.
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