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Barker Mill CNC conversion

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  • Barker Mill CNC conversion

    I've been meaning to do this for a while, like almost a year. Time always gets in the way. Now I'm to the point where I really want it done, so I might actually force myself to work on it.

    I've got the mill in a few pieces right now. The goal is to get it into my basement, and as it sits, it weighs in around 400 lbs. I'm not carrying that down stairs. Plus I want to take it all apart and make sure everything is clean and all that jazz.

    Here is just the table. The mill was originally used with a pneumatic cylinder on the x axis, so I have to convert it to have a leadscrew.

    In the foreground you can see a piece of DOM tubing. I am going to use that to hold my nut. Haven't entirely figured out how yet, but I've got time for that.

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    In this picture you can see the plate, I have to bore it out so that I can weld the DOM tubing to it, and have a mounting flange.

    This is everything held together by fit only.

    Starting to shape the flange so it has clearance for the table to move.


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      Finally this is where I'm at now. Got it all welded up, now I have to see if I can find some transfer screws cheap. Then I have to plate this side of the table, and start working on the bearing housings on the other side. More tomorrow but I need to get ready for class.


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        this is the mill


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          Cool. That a PMO I think. I am interested in what you are doing. I have a PM that I am just starting to clean up and most likely will CNC.


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            no, it's an AM. 30 taper spindle


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              That's even nicer.
              Have you decided on Ball or Acme or one of the Delrin nuts over Acme or Ball?


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                Starting with ACME with acetal.

                Got the x axis leadscrew nut bracket bored, threaded and made the threaded plug to hold the acetal nut in.

                Then started on the outboard leadscrew casing for the x axis. Got the bearing cup done.

                Without threaded plug:

                With threaded plug, still need to drill for spanner pins.


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                  Also got the z axis outboard bearing block done, with and without threaded plug.

                  All too much threading today! Tomorrow I have to make the leadscrew holders, then solder the actual leadscrews into them. Should probably get up early and make it to the welding supply place for solder though.

                  I want to have these two axis's done tomorrow. The Y axis is a little more in depth because I have to make the nut spin. I'm also having a hell of a time with bearings...I just don't have a good selection and I'm trying to work around what I have.


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                    First snag.

                    On the z axis I used just a standard general purpose bearing.

                    Not rated for axial loads.

                    It'll still work for the time being, but I've got another set of angular contact bearings I can put in it at a later date.


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                      Looking good! What size lead screw are you going to use?


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                        Originally posted by DFMiller
                        Looking good! What size lead screw are you going to use?
                        Using 1/2"-10 acme, it's what I have on hand. If I find I need bigger, I can always upgrade. It will be hard to upgrade the x axis though


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                          Originally posted by snowman
                          no, it's an AM. 30 taper spindle

                          Since there's an overarm ther's an "O" in the moniker somewhere.
                          AMs had no overarm.

                          Keep us posted on your progress.
                          Those are sweet little mills that could do some serious HD machining.


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                            Not following.

                            I got my information from the barker website


                            All AM's on that page are shown with overarms. It's standard equipment on the AM. It's the PM model that doesn't have it as standard equipment.