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  • What's a fair price?

    What's a fair price for an 8" shaper in clean condition and a 10" rotary table in the same condition? I'm quitting metalworking for family reasons and want to get rid of this stuff (time is a factor) - but damn i could really use a new motherboard for my laptop, which i need to do my studies with ...

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    $3 for the shaper, but only if you deliver it!

    Sorry I couldn't resist! I'm just amazed that people even want to use a clapper anymore. I am soooo not a fan of them things!
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      Rotary table depends heavily on brand.
      random chinese 10" = Worth more as scrap iron. HSM generaly don't buy 10" tables due to them being too heavy, And some of those chinese rotary tables really suck.
      High end american 10" could be worth a few hundred dollars easy.
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        Shapers don't fetch much. The scrap yards have nice ones that can't find owners. Nice novelty for someone who has everything else but they can be quite useful I understand if you have the time. If there's half a chance of a HSM getting it into his basement then it is worth more than scrap value.

        Put it on Craigslist on lower your asking price every few days until someone bites.
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          Go and look up Plaza Machinery's web site. There you will find asking prices on all sorts of used American iron. Since Joe evidently makes a living selling at those prices, they must be fairly realistic. Most everyone here can only offer opinions which are NEVER, EVER tempered with prejudice!
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            I've seen Atlas and similar 7" shapers go for $1000 to $1500, higher than the big industrial grade machines since they fit nicely into a HSMer's shop. Much depends on the brand of the machine and its condition.

            There is an Atlas Mill & Shaper group in the Yahoo groups. You may want to post the information there and see what sort of response you receive.

            I agree with the comments previous posters have made re the rotary table.


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              Shaper $5, good advertisement $500

              You didn't give your location or details of the machine.

              Last couple shapers to actually sell on ebay went for $300 plus or minus a few dollars - i.e. about the price of a netbook. About the same size as yours, one had some damage but included the elusive shaper vise. Asking prices for some were $1000 to $1500 but they did not sell.

              I assume you are talking about the shaper in these threads:
              Lack of a brand name/model/year could work against you. Having the vise works for you. I am not sure how much credit you get for the restoration work but since it wasn't a sherwin williams restoration and you have pictures and forum threads documenting that, you should be able to get some credit for that but less than your time was worth. But ready to run should make it considerably more attractive. A link to a video clip of it running and your imageshack albums would help or a link to a web page that includes those and more.

              Writing a good detailed ad can make a difference. If your ad is as week as the start of some of your threads you will have a hard time selling it.
              There aren't many shaper buyers out there and they may have to drive hours each way to come see it. And all to often there is a clapped out rust bucket on the other end of the trip. Give them a reason to think it is worth the drive and the greenbacks/loonies.

              Rotary table is apparently a 1974 mainland chinese 10"/250mm model with two chipped teeth which you can't feel when turning it and paralle rather than radial t-slots with a center bore (all the way through?). Horizontal only mount?