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  • OT - Southend Interstate Sniper

    In Columbus, Ohio we seem to have a crazy or two running around. A few days ago, a car was shoot on the southern part of the outer belt. The bullet killed the passenger. First thing was thought of was a stray bullet from a hunter. Well Ohio is one of those states where hunting is generally restricted to shotguns. Deer season starts next Monday, the biggest gun show of the year starts tomorrow.

    The police and news say that this was the tenth time a car was hit, but only one fatality. If it was somebody who had advanced Infantry training in the army, there would more people killed. The police are not saying this was a sniper, the news is playing up the event, and the state, county and local police are really patroling that area well.

    Don't people have moral values, or their parents teach them right from wrong. The police are pretty much powerless unless they stumble upon this guy. I have a great deal of respect for human life and a good respect for firearms, but why are we having so much of this in todays society, because if they are caught, they will mostly be given death and if they shoot at a SWAT officer, then most likely they will be killed.

    If anyone who is antigun wants to know, two weeks ago we had a stabing in one of the local (upper middle class)high schools with a pair of scissors. So should we register scissors also?

    Too much gun control, not enough values!

    Thats my 2 cents worht.


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    It's getting bad when the most popular new computer game is one where you score by shooting cops and pedestrians. Maybe that's where this crazy is coming from?
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      I say keep the violent video games, but teach your kids (maybe easier to do than said) that it's a game.

      I've played racing games all my life (I'm addicted), but if I ever get a speeding ticket, can I blame them on the games? Everyone would laugh if I even suggested it.

      I'm all for guns, I think at one time every one should shoot one (right after learning the safety procedures). I also think respect of almost all kinds is going down the tubes as the generations progress. There is no easy solution, thats why nothing is being done (lazy parents & kids).

      I've only went out hunting once (was the grunt to help everyone else out, I'm not too into hunting). It was the start of deer season, and honestly I've never been so scared in my life. Soon as I'm hearing bullets flying by me I was ready to get out of there. Carelessness is a huge factor aswell in today's world. When was the last time you saw someone back into a parked car (in a parking lot for example) and the person left a note? Rarely... they just don't respect others property.


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        JFSmith, Did not know we had anyone here from OHIO, I am in Lancaster. Where you at?
        mark costello-Low speed steel


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          I am a Canadiam by choice, but live in the states for my income. I am a Endowment member of the NRA. I was in the U.S. Army for 8 years, I got out as a Captain. I come from a long line of military people from many countries, including my mother who was a U.S. Army Nurse in WW II.

          In my life, I was raised around rifles shotguns and pistols. I come from before the computer game era, when I left high school my calculator was called a slide rule.

          I have a great deal of respect for firearms, I have taken many courses in safe and hunting. I have my acquisition card with the Canadian government (after three Saturday classes). I hunt out of the conservation needs, not out of sport. I stopped hunting human being when I got out of the Army.

          There is something really messed up in America, judges that are crooks, Sheriffs stealing from the public, police officers having affirs on the publics' time. Football players being arrested for everything from shop lifting to filing false police reports. Then these player turn around and file suits against the university, Get Real!

          Do the Crime, Do the Time. If a public figure breaks the law, then they should go to jail, loose whatever licenses that they have and forfeit their public retirements.
          Sports figures should go to jail and never be allowed to play again.

          Where are the laws to protect the public before a crime happens? Why haven't their parents rasied their children to respect others and their property?

          Sad commentary, when the former president of the U.S. get off with forfeiting his law license for 5 years for not being truthful under oath. He should be in jail not in a penthouse in Harlem.

          Don't get me started with the idiots in Ottawa, the thing they have going for them is a country that is polite and well mannered.



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            I used to live Ohio. Akron-Cleveland area. Dang, come to think of it I was born in Dayton! Texas is home now. It's too bad your governor doen't like guns or you'd have a Carry Law already. Sure would make the state a safer place to live.

            Here's one of those "Did you know" facts to think about: Every year, Doctors kill more patients than handguns kill people!


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              Cars Kill More People than Guns!

              Cardiac Arrest Kills More people than Guns



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                From a N C Ohio member.....I believe that a big share of the problem is the lack of family....I had my first rifle (22 cal) when I was only seven years old...The rifle was bought as a present from my Dad, and I was tought to use the rifle by my Dad...OOOOOOOOOOh could you hear the anti- bunch today if they ever heard of such a thing...I used that rifle , and never had the thought of aiming it at any one...I have been a gun (person) all of my life, and I have never thought of such a thing as the Columbus sniper...I have my father to thank for a good background in firearms...Something that you cannot learn in a video game.....Dale Detrich
                P.S. I still have the first rifle


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                  I tought both my kids how to shoot. I also was an instructor for target shooting for the local Sea Cadets Corps for years until the Canadian gov decided that they would confiscate the beautiful four Anschutz target rifles we had. We both volunteered for years with the local Corps. No more rifle range, no more firearms instruction. WTF??!! The Cadets Corps here are supposed to introduce to and prepare young people for a possible career in the military. How the hell are they going to decide if they want to bear arms for our country if they can't touch one?? GRRRR...

                  We also have a problem with cattle being shot during hunting season. I have yet to see a cow that remotely resembles a deer, moose or bear. Some farmers have even used fluorescent spray paint and painted COW on their animals. Still get shot. With any luck such idiots will remove each other from the gene pool.

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                    Let's not get distracted.

                    It aint morals. It aint guns. It aint religion. It aint someone's tragic life. It aint AIT gone bad. It aint respect for human life. These are all side issues.

                    It's a screwball killing people. We need to focus only on that.

                    The Ohio sniper is a sociopath on the loose playing sniper and he just scored his first kill. Who cares what or why? Catch him or take him out.


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                      "Do the Crime, Do the Time. If a public figure breaks the law, then they should go to jail, loose whatever licenses that they have and forfeit their public retirements.
                      Sports figures should go to jail and never be allowed to play again."

                      In America it is called "Liberalism". It means that no one is responsible for their actions anymore. It's not their fault. It all began many years ago when bartenders were made responsible for drunks getting into accidents. Now muderers arn't responsible for their crimes, the gun manufacturer is. It's obvious right, if they hadn't made the gun the murderer would not have killed with it.

                      As to family values, too many parents shift responsibility of their childs actions, i.e. ritalin, and other mind destroying drugs foisted upon children because parents, or in many cases parent, will not take responsibility of their childs unruly behavior.
                      My wife and I raised two daughters who grew up knowing right from wrong and accepting responsibility for their actions. If they got into trouble they new who was wrong and what would happen as a result of being wrong. As a result they have made my wife and I the happiest parents we could be. They have given us 5 grandchildren, soon to be 6, the oldest is 4.5 yrs., and we can see already that what we taught our girls, they are teaching to their children, responsibily for ones actions.

                      This is getting long, I'll end with this. I used the words "responsible, and responsibily" quite a few times bcause that is what it comes down to, being responsible.

                      Paul G.
                      Paul G.


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                        It is also interesting to note that these shootings started in May, and the local police have finally figured out that they may be related. Since a fatality has resulted that is.
                        Jim H.


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                          In many places in American, if you sling your rifle to have it along to protect yourself, you can be arrested for agrivated menacing. I don't want hear about the second amendment, there are laws on the books to get around that.

                          If a community at large, the majority of people in the community, say we don't feel safe with the current law enforcement and we will take up arms. Maybe somebody will listen. But that will never happen.

                          The values of today is get all you can and get away with it. Make promises and get out of them. Children are not taught respect or even fear of the law. Giving your children drugs to make them conform, is a reality, but its not the answer to the problem. Understanding and extra time will help children more than drugs.

                          Tell a police officer that you have rights while they are handcuffing you, and they will agree.

                          Please don't get me wrong I have many friends who are in law enforcement, they have a tough job, but they are frustrate by the courts and legal system.

                          If I run around the new sniper alley with a Humm 2, with a legally purchased M2HB mounted on a pedestal, the sniper problem would probably stop. Unfortunately I don't own a Humm 2 or a M2HB. so I will stay out of the area, and of course the sniper wins then.



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                            Public hanging, on public television would stop all the murder for fun, give the serious criminal something to think about.

                            Ohh, is that too cruel? If you think so you have never saw some pretty clerk you have gotten your coffee from in the mornings with her brains and hair blowed on the wall. (store closed for cleaning) Or a 3 year old shot in a drive-by.

                            Thrill kill? I heard that term on court television.

                            Some things you just need the stomach to take care of. I'd pull the hangmans handle or switch, or lethal injection. No concience about it either after a trial. I wonder how exterminators feel after spraying for cockroaches? Making it public would make it real.


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                              That might stop a few of them but most murders are committed by people who are either psychopathic, very hard of thinking and/or in a rage. They either don't consider the consequences of their actions or don't care.
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