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  • OT: He he he he he.....

    What we Canadians think is newsworthy....

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    O.K. Making fun of Rumsfeld is one thing, but you take your life in your hands when you make comments against Arnold.

    Rumsfeld could wipe out sanity for all time in one public speech, Arnold could make Terminator 4 and donate the profit to California, and maybe wipe out many of the state problems.

    Plus Arnold is doing a walk thru the California Legislature to get rid of the illegal alien drivers license laws. But now comes the real problem, does ALF (Gordon Schumly)have to turn in his divers license?



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      That's funny! Thanks for the laugh Evan. (Laughter IS TRUELY the best medicine!)
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        I think Rumsfeld was having a little fun with the media and it went over someone's head. As far as Arnold, it was a slight slip of the lip which the liberal media, as usual, jumped on because their junior high mentality allows nothing more.


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          Looks like it went over everyone's head. I don't think so...
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            While I'm no fan of Rumfield I do appreciate his humor and his jesting with the press.

            Rummy is a sly devil. I wouldn't put it past him to give the press fits with a double-enveloping, inverse, lexicological slider in answer to a stupid question. It's his way of beating up on them.


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              Almost every furrin minister of whatever hates and disrespects ol Rummy because he isn't very subtle....he makes undiplomatic comments on a daily or hourly basis.......

              While it may be intended as humor, it nearly always comes across as a dig. Nobody likes a wisea$$.

              This is not to say that a dose of Bush et al now might not be OK, considering we will have a big dose of Hillary and Bill next....might make the left turn go straight?


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                I understood Rumsfeld perfectly

                He was telling the media to stop making up news.


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                  I still think he was on dope or something. It reminds me of a time I was in the press room at the BC legislative office in Victoria many years ago. A reporter was saying to his buddies from the other news services "****, I can't use this. It will make the minister look like too much the idiot!". He played the tape. The Minister of Forests said something like "Well, to answer your question about the problem with the northern forests, we have decided to study all the studies that have studied the problem. If our study of the study of the studies shows the studies were properly studied then we will see if the study of the studies should be studied". Sort of sounds like Rumsfeld. I don't know, or maybe I don't know if I don't know.
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                    I don't know now if what I once knew I ever did know, maybe I knew and I've forgotten what was once my knowledge. Maybe I've forgotten more than I know now, then again maybe I know more now than I've forgotten, but how could I know that, without knowing what I once knew, or that I once knew more than I do now, in which case, I would have forgotten nothing I ever knew. Maybe I never really did know, know what I mean?
                    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                      Consider understanding what someone said,

                      1) Intonation, accentation of vowels and depth of tone. (how they say)

                      2) wording used to convey meaning (what they say)

                      3) Intent either represented or misrepresented by proper use of language (what they meant to say)

                      4) Posturing, how they hold themselves when they say it. (watch dogs, cats they are more visible in thier intentions)

                      Only after a individual uses all of these concepts can he/she totally understand someone wishing to communicate with them.

                      I am so confused.. No wonder people get misquoted all the time.

                      How about them "Dixie Chicks" ?



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                        Hi all,

                        I have a friend who knows everything except the fact that he is a bore, and I know that, so between us we know everything!!



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                          You got to remember who he was talking too,I liked the one where the media one minute said that the advance on Bagdad was now 13 miles from the capitol,then they said 32 miles from the capitol,then 13 again,then they asked,wait a minute?which is it?you must be feeding us incorrect data!Thats when Rumsfeld said to the reporters"you need to do two things-#1learn to pay attention,#2learn the difference between kilometers and miles"

                          Basicaly its just like a computer,garbage in garbage out!

                          I love the media,if something is black they will argue it should be blue,they don't report the news anymore,they just give us their opinion.

                          I think its funny,no really sad that the best source for fairy tails and childrens fables is now the New York Times.
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            I pay absolutely no attention to the regular US news media. Their news reporting is incomplete, inaccurate, biased, censored, controlled and manipulated. There are many other sources that are better. Try these:





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                              Lighten up guys !
                              That statement is one of the funniest things I ever heard.
                              It has been played on a lot of news programs.
                              Too bad the "Question" wasn't posted....made by a "seasoned (read second Grade graduate)reporter"

                              This is sort of like hearing Lou Costello, without Bud Abbott
                              Green Bay, WI