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Ot- #*!$*@!! Vista

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  • Tony Ennis
    Amusing. Right now I'm fighting with a Win7 laptop, trying to get it to disconnect from a non-functional network from work, so I cna connect it to my home network. I've been working on it for 2 hours. So far, I haven't seen anything like a "disconnect from network" option.

    Nor, so far, does it see my home network.

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  • garagemark
    started a topic Ot- #*!$*@!! Vista

    Ot- #*!$*@!! Vista

    Let's just say I hate Vista. But....

    Since that is what's on the war wagon's laptop, I (we) cannot figure out how to connect to the internet with it wirelessly. It finds my network just fine, and it can talk my other machines, but it WILL NOT connect to the Internet. Vista has a "map" that shows active paths. The map to the Internet is X'ed. I've tried private settings, public settings, and, well, just about everything else I can think of. But I haven't hit the combo right yet.

    Any of you sharpsters out there know how to fix this POS? Yeah, I know, delete it and get Win7, Linux, or whatever. NOT AN OPTION.

    Cummon guys- help me out. Maybe it'll get her off my back for a minute or two.