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    I did some free gratis work for a free clinic, and they gave me a set of file cabinets on tracks! Why they didn't want them is beyond me, but, good for me.

    There are five shelf units. The units on each end are stationary and the three in the center roll on the tracks. They are 24" x 48" each (open on both sides) except the front end, which is 12". So in reality, I have about nine shelves! They roll with only one finger.

    This thing holds a PILE of stuff. It will be a while before I fill em up. If you ever have the opportunity to get a set of these track shelves, you should look closely at them. They take up a hell-of-a-lot less room than wall units and they are HEAVY DUTY!

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    Lucky Bugger.

    I'd kill to have a set or three of those. Congrats on a sweet score!


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      Those kick a$$! I've been wondering how to fab some for my garage. Nice score.


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        Originally posted by garagemark
        ... Why they didn't want them is beyond me, but, good for me....
        They were used for storing paper patient files. They probably computerized everything. Yep, good for you.
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          Compactus units:


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            Last year I got a call from some people who were clearing out a big industrial unit, they asked me to pop round and see if there was anything of interest before it was skipped.

            Popped round and it was a firm that made cables that had relocated further up north, the place was virtually empty except the maintenance section.

            Load of drawer unit full of bolts, bearing etc, load of tat and things related to special machines.
            Got a couple of small drawer sets, some reamers and a load of alloy welding rods and brazing rods, nothing to gloat about.
            But in the back of this place was a 9 drawer unit similar to what Garagemark has shown but really heavy duty.

            Each rack had a capstan wheel on the front with a chain drive down to the wheels so they could be rolled even when fully loaded.

            I could have had the lot for a few quid but they had to be removed that afternoon as they were just clearing up and the keys were being handed over that night.

            No great shakes as i didn't have transport big enough, they wouldn't go in the Donald and I have no where to put them anyway.

            I saw a similar set at the ITV studios at Birmingham a few years ago when they closed down. They had the whole wardrobe section in there complete with all the props, about 60 foot in length.
            We went up to collect a drilling machine and took the old guy who used to work for me, Cyril with us. He came out of there all made up as Long John Silver

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              Tiffie, wrong link (well, not now, you fixed it while I was writing!). But indeed that is the system. There was another rolling section, but it made the whole thing too long, so I had to cut the tracks down and leave the shelf off. I used it as a stand alone in the wood shop.


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                That is a great idea, I'll have to keep an eye out for a set of those from a closed down medical facility. Another idea is to put hasps on the two end units so you can strap those together with a long piece of flat bar and a couple of locks. Then all of your goodies inside are a lot more secure.
                James Kilroy