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OT: Should be an intresting story

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  • OT: Should be an intresting story

    One of those times where there are lots of questions

    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Something about that picture feels "Photoshopped"...

    If it isn't.....It should be!


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      Boy I'll say --- If it was just the strange kid in the tux and the UPS truck in the background I could see how that could transpire -- but you throw in the hand held sewing machine and the coincidence factor goes off the charts...

      Don't know why but I find the whole thing disturbing...

      Maybe that thing makes cappachino --- whatever it is it looks like he's holding it with an "air hoop"...

      superimposed or not - somebody's got issues.


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        The steering wheel's on the left, so the picture wasn't taken in Britain ?


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          Yet to me the kid reeks of britt... (no offense)

          Im also having the tough time with the angle of the truck - if it is real I bet you could flip it over with your pinkie...


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            I wonder how the truck got over a hill.. backwards, apparently 20' feet from the road. Or why someone tryed to drive it up the hill..
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              Perhaps the white appliance in the lads hand is a modified Ruger.

              My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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                Originally posted by ADGO_Racing
                Something about that picture feels "Photoshopped"...

                If it isn't.....It should be!
                I think it is photoshopped as well... Seems an unusual way to hold a heavier object...
                Precision takes time.


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                  The accident is real and it happened on or near a college campus-


                  If it is photoshopped,at least they got the shadow of the sewing machine right
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    They say truth is stranger than fiction- this could be one of the situations that proves that saying true...LOL


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                      Why does it have to be photoshopped?

                      Speaking for myself at that age, if I saw a delivery truck sliding down a hill, I'd react by throwing on some formalwear and posing for pictures with whatever portable appliance was at hand. Honestly, wouldn't everybody?

                      Seriously, if he's a college kid confronted with a really random event like the truck accident, it only stands to reason that he's want pictures of himself adding more random events to the mix. I once shot a whole series of pictures of a beautiful old building, and in each shot - somewhere in the background - was a chocolate chip muffin. The pictures were a serious effort, but the temtation to do somethng stupid and random like that was just too much.

                      I wish I had a tux with me.


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                        In a league of their own?


                        as they are 'merican cops and the truck is 'merican too, and as the tux'-wearing gent has a machine in his hand, it seems that he is just simply a 'merican machinist.

                        That machine does look like a BP mill though.

                        Perhaps he uses (a) good old 'merican iron to keep that 'tux-'n'-shirt nice.

                        He is obviously on the right path.

                        Are all 'merican machinists "Ivy-League" alumni? - or are they in a league of their own?


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                          That 'machine', I believe is a small 'serger' similar to this one:


                          I agree that it looks like a difficult object to hold as shown.

                          But what's the point?

                          Maybe an "inside" joke?


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                            Originally posted by AllThumbz
                            They say truth is stranger than fiction- this could be one of the situations that proves that saying true...LOL

                            Probably a simple explanation; The kids about to get married (hopefully to a gurl) They ordered the sewing machine to do some last second altercations to his brides wedding dress and were cutting it close on its delivery time (you have to admit the machine looks brand spanking new)

                            Just before the truck went off the cliff its last delivery was the bloke - He's simply taking the pic showing that even though the UPS truck is screwed he has the machine and the wedding will go on as scheduled - something to show his grandkids - but once again if the bride is a gurl...

                            Moral of the story; "what can brown do for you"


                            .................................................. ................
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                              Speaking of pranks, this is an annual tradition. This time the went international


                              Disclaimer... I am NOT a UBC alumnus ( we had our own traditions)....
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