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tailstock repair on chineese 13x40 lathe

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  • tailstock repair on chineese 13x40 lathe

    I thought I would ask this here rather than on practical machinest. I bought a co6320a lathe second hand from a workshop where the guy was selling two different lathes. I was very new to the whole machining thing and remember we swapped the quill from the one machine to my machine because my lathe looked nicer but was a 2 m taper on the tailstock and I thought a 3mtaper would be better. I soppose its a miracle that the bore and leadscrew were similer.
    Any way I only get 70mm of travel and I was hoping any of you guys out there could measure how much travel you get on your tailstock. I suspect my quill is to short for the tailstock and would it be possible to measure the actuall lenght of the entire quill. There seems to be a relationship between travel and when It will eject the drill chuck taper when fully wound in.. My thoughts on how to fix this are to make a new nut for the quill but making it 25mm longer., That should allow it to travel further out.
    Thanks eugene

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    My lathe is a CQ6230A with 3MT tail stock, there is about 85mm of quil extension but I would never want to use it wound out that far!

    A common bought 3MT dead centre ejects when the quil graduations are at about 5 or 7 so I usually trim the short end a little to get them to eject when the quil is near zero.

    If I used a 3MT with a tang I too would loose half the quil travel, do your 3MT tools have a tang?


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      I dont use this lathe I just want to fix and get rid of it. So what you are saying is it would be a good idea to cut the tang off. I think you are right . It would give me more travel. I also wouldnt like to drill with the quill so far out but 75 mm may be offputting to a prospective buyer. I machined a new left hand nut for this quill and it came out well ( not bad for a plumber and hacker) I think if i made this nut longer it would give me 25 mm more travel.
      Next move is to try to fix play on crosslide and toolpost
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        Tailstock travel is limited to the length of the body, the length of the arbor and the length of the screw.

        On my 12 x 36 import the maximum travel is 3". In practice the real travel is about 2". That 1" loss is due to tangs on the MT tool. If the MT tool has no tang then the maximum travel is a bit more.

        While I wish I had a bit more travel, I would not want to reduce the maximum length I could turn by getting a longer tailstock.


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          I have a 12X36 import lathe, and the tailstock gives me about 75mm (3 in.) of travel.


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            For the recorrd, my 13 X 40 Enco has approximately 3" of travel on the tailsrtock quill. It's a 3MT.