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Anyone ever heard of this lathe?

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  • Anyone ever heard of this lathe?

    I have not seen the lathe yet, but it is being described to me as a Clausing 1336 gear head toolroom lathe. It was produced to compete against the Harding HLV and has a max 3000 rpm spindle speed that takes 5C collets, and has both an 8" four jaw and 6" three jaw chuck, coolant system, etc..
    I asked for the model number, and he says that 1336 is the model number. I can't seem to find any information on a Clausing model like this. All I seem to pull up are the slower speed models.
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    Eric Sanders in Brighton, Michigan

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    Yeah, not much on google.

    Short youtube vid of one running:
    Headstock and apron look a bit different than your more usual clausings, so the parts probably aren't interchangable but a lot of them look a lot like some lathes in the colchester master series.
    Looks like a heavy cast iron base.

    Parts and docs may be scarce but it is probably a decent machine if it is in good condition. You take it apart, clean it up, take pictures, and put it back together - that is your documentation.

    Base specs:
    Note it says 1800rpm.

    An auction listing says 1500 RPM.
    13” x 36” Clausing Model 1336 Geared Head Engine Lathe;
    S/N 3-40575, 8” Chuck, Tailstock, 24-1,500 RPM, 1 1/2” Spindle Hole

    This is a different clausing/colchester master 13x36 model, more rounded headstock, different base, but the mechanics look similar.

    And this machine shop has one:


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      He sent me a picture of it. Anyone recognize it?
      Eric Sanders in Brighton, Michigan


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        Very few of these were made, I have only seen 2 in the last 10 years. If its cheap go for it, more than likely you will have to make any parts it might need, but that is no worse than the buying a NEW IMPORT that has ZERO support......


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          There is one just like it on my local CL that they want $4700 for it has been advertised several times. I would be interested but not at $4700.


          The local one.


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            This past summer one was at auction and sold for $1200


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              He wants $2500 for it, but it includes ; three and four jaw chucks, follow rest, steady rest, tray of 5C collets, live and dead centers, face plate, tail stock chucks (3) and the drawer full of miscellaneous tooling. The lathe has a three phase motor that has been equipped with a single phase converter system that runs on 220 V. The round handle on the spindle nose is the speed handle for inserting and releasing collets. The collet tray consists of 64 collets. The lathe also has an internal coolant spray system with a new pump still in the mfg. box.
              I like the fact that it is so unique. He said that they are quite hard to find, and not many were made. It looks like the tail stock is not original though when I compare it to the one gundog linked.
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              Eric Sanders in Brighton, Michigan


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                I think the area of the country makes a big difference for prices you are near the machine belt and where we are in the Pacific NorthWest machine tools are a little more rare. $2500 where I am might not be too bad but I think that is high for where you live.

                Mike .02


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                  that lathe just looks like a mk.1 or mk2 Colchester Master to me.


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                    I have bought and sold a few lathes here in the Dayton, Ohio area. If that lathe is in good functional shape, $2500 is a good price. If the ways are in good shape and it can be adjusted to hold a couple thou over a foot of travel, it's a great deal.

                    I have sold the Dashin Price Taiwan lathe, well tooled, for $2,500 and it would have been hard-pressed to hold .002" over a foot. I sold a SouthBend 9" (also well tooled) for $1,700.

                    I paid around $1,600 for a Harrison lathe that used to have a hydraulic tracer installed on it. It think it was around a 15" swing (another friend has it now).

                    On edit: the tailstock doesn't look like it belongs, simply based on color. The tailstock does look very much like the one from the Dashin Prince; I say this because the Dashin Prince was supposed to be a copy of some Clausing lathe. The one you are looking at does look like a Clausing-Colchester, meaning a Colchester that Clausing imported (or so I have always thought).
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                    JHC Dayton, OH


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                      Agreed. Not sure what squirrel is talking about... If it is as mentioned, they are not particularly rare. I think the price is not out of line at all for a working machine of this build.



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                        The price is not bad considering the lathe and accessories. The tailstock is definitely a replacement and allowances should be made for that reason. I would recommend a very close inspection to be sure that the accuracy is not affected.
                        Jim H.


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                          Looks just like my friends Colchester Mk 2 Master, a 13X36 English-built industrial lathe that was imported into Canada and had the motor replaced.

                          Great lathe, sounds like a decent deal for $2500.



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                            Originally posted by AiR_GuNNeR
                            He sent me a picture of it. Anyone recognize it?
                            A friend of mine has that same lathe,that doesn't look like the original tailstock,the correct one is the older looking design curved casting lines etc.

                            That one also appears to have the same controls his does.Ask the seller if the machine has a two-speed motor.If it does then that's the rare part.
                            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                              Mk1 Colchester with what looks to be the tailstock off a Mk2 square head model; or a taiwanese copy of the Mk2 TS?