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  • how far have we come?

    "Maximum number of miles that Ford's most fuel-efficient 2003 car can drive on a gallon of gas: 36 [Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, Mich.)]

    Maximum number its 1912 Model T could: 35 [Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, Mich.)] "

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    es, but the Probe can do 65 MPH on the interstate and get you from Boston to Tampa in about 15 hours where as the Model T got you from Boston to Tampa, say on the same exact roads, in about 6 days, and required many many repairs.

    Also, 4 cylinders vs 2, better handling, better safety, less pollution, and much more comfort including real air conditioning, heating, bucket seats, CD players, DVD on installation, 12 gallon gas tank, and a 100 thou mile warranty, AND it comes in colors like metallic blue, teal, green...compared with Black.

    My Ford Ranger gets only 17 MPG, but hauls about 3/4 ton compared to 2 people and a suitcase.

    BUT, I sure would like A Model T.


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      The only way to compare mileages is make the comparison in "ton miles" (vehicle weight x MPG). The new vehicles would give higher mileages if you ran them at comparable speeds.



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        I wonder how many miles a go cart can go on 1 gallon of gas, with a normal briggs or honda 5hp engine


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          Ever hear of the "Great American Race"?Its the antique car rally where they drive from coast to coast,well I don't remember which year it was but there were two model "T"S entered in the event,both from Mississippi,people in the event said the T's would never make it,but do you know that they where the only two cars to make the entire trip without a single mechanical break down?

          Also take todays car,do something illegal as hell and knock the converters off while leaving the o2 sensor in place and geuss what happens?The mileage goes up.I did just that recently gained 3 mpg .

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            Maybe history (or technology) is repeating itself. I bought a new '02 chevy pickup, when I looked under the hood it had an ignition coil for each cylinder. Just like the "T", only a lot harder to fix.
            BTW what kind of milage did the economy cars of the '50s get. Crosley, Henry J, etc.


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              62 falcon 6 cylinder, 3 speed stick got 27 mpg. I know cause I put the hose into the milk jug myself. We drove it till it ran on fumes. Them were pretty decent cars, suspension was light thou.

              My My.. luxury costs money, all them lil things like the Air conditioner running while defrost to dehumidify the interior.

              My lil ranger truck, 4.0 5 speed gets a regular 26mpg. I made it into a lowrider, a 3/4 ton trucks' frame is level with the bottom of the windshield.. Would I live in a collision with one? Probably not.

              BMW Isetta, I loved the looks of them cars as a kid, they should come back. Most commuters have One person in the car. DO they really need a Suburban that gets 8mpg? most times you see them they have one person in them. Lessons in excess.

              DO most people really need to purchase a 3800 sq ft house?



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                Peugeot diesel 2.5 litre 3 ton van, non turbo 33 mpg

                Ower Gerts little Citroen 1.9 non turbo diesel hatchback 73 mpg.

                Last months diesel usage for both vehicles - 25 gallons.

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                  Small diesels not very popular here.Most crad and shrimp fishermen drive full size 4X4
                  Trucks.Cost over 100.00 to fill!!
                  I drive a Toyota Tercel $20.00/week in gas.
                  One of my kids has algeries(sp).
                  Just hate to see people killing our kids air just to be seen in a big truck.
                  Oil companies laugh all the way to the bank.
                  hater of SUV's
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                    IBEW: I think maybe air conditioning gets a bum rap. I agree it reduces mileage but the old economy runs drove with the windows UP to gain mileage. I don't remember the numbers. i suspect that, at 60 MPH, windows down cost as much as air conditioning and windows up. Around town? air is going to cost you. Closest check I have ever made was with cruise control and vacuum gauge. I could see no difference either way- and it was a big Chrysler New Yorker so the percentage would not be nearly as much as on smaller engine. I drove an air conditioned little (rented) english car up Malaya (Singapore to Kuhala Lumpur via the mountains. For sure, when the grade came, air conditioner went off, windows down or you needed to pack a lunch eat between bottom and top of hills. I bet air cut the mileage by 30 percent , maybe more- but at its worst still beat the big car at home at its best (so far as gas mileage is concerned).


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                      The Model T sold new for something like $495, I can't even find a used car for that price these days (and I desperately need one). In the 1930s Bucky Fuller designed this little number:

                      And no one's been able to beat it's performance yet.


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                        Fuller was a very strange person in many ways. If I remember correctly, Fuller generally did little more then draw some pictures and get other people to finance his "ideas". The car was created and built by some out of work Rolls Royse (?) engineers and fabricators. The depression had left many excellent workers unemployed, so the best could be had for chicken feed.
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                          I went to hear B. Fuller talk once. I have a feeling he was like Tesla and others with grandiose visions. He was facinating to listen to but you had the feeling he wasn't well grounded in present reality. He talked about a future that was a long way off at the time. Well, we are now living in that future and I don't see any city domes. AND, where are the flying cars? They promised me flying cars and I don't see any flying cars! I want my flying cars!!

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                            The fuller dome, AKA the geodesic dome, has as it's greatest strength it's greatest weakness. It makes the most efficient use of material to enclose a given space. All members are load bearing, equally. Unfortunately, that means that any and all members are a single point failure. If any member fails it compromises the entire structure. That sucks.

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                              Yes, he could talk endlessly and make it sound good, but never actually say anything. Much like a politician I suppose. He was grandiose like a salesman indeed. Do you think the comparison to Tesla is valid? Tesla actually solved an enormous number of problems. Strange perhaps, but talented and credible.
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