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  • 2 tips for the shop

    I have had trouble getting my coolant mister to behave as I would like, coolant was not working well in this application. It had not enough lubricity for a slitting saw, kept breaking blades where b4 oil worked fine. Needed a third hand to blow chips off of the saw blade. Came up with this idea. Drip oiler mounted on top of a noga mister.

    Next idea came from having to broach keyways and needing a fast way to debur them. a piece of shaft from a printer cut at a 10 degree angle and a 135 degree carbide insert make it free cutting, just use the widest edge.

    Would post pictures but message board won't let me, and I am logged in.

    My pictures or anyones elses, NOW I understand. I thought it was a personal problem!
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    Post your pictures to say "photobucket" etc, then in sert the [img] code...

    Check the sticky at the top of the forum for more info.


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      Verious companys actualy sell keyway deburrers that are little more then a square carbide insert held on the end of a rod.. (Model G)
      Correction, Make that a HSS insert. Nifty. maybe you should buy one or two of the inserts to try, price isent bad per insert at under $5 each. $7 isent a bad price for the holder bar either, if its hardened... Course, you gotta buy a mango handle for another $7 to go with it.

      Havent used that style deburr, but the other Shaviv/Mango deburrs I have used have all been very nice.
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        Under posting rules in bottom left hand corner it says I cannot post attachments. Can I still somehow post a picture?
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          this site doesn't host pics so we use a third party, there's a sticky describing it, but basically open a photobucket account (free), up the pics there, then cut and past the 'img' link photobucket provides....sounds far more daunting than it is
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            Originally posted by Mcostello
            Under posting rules in bottom left hand corner it says I cannot post attachments. Can I still somehow post a picture?
            That means the site won't host your pics, or anybody elses. You need to upload to photobucket or whatever and then put the links in your post. Read the sticky a the top of the forum.