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Australian buying heavy items from Shars ?

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  • Australian buying heavy items from Shars ?

    I'm a Shar's customer living in Victoria Australia. I'm trying to workout a way whereby I can buy very heavy items say up to 50kg and have them shipped to Australia. ex Rotary table and chuck.
    Normal methods are not good and I figure there maybe a "ship by boat" option. Shipping time is not critical. If I have to wait 90 days that's fine.
    Shar's are very helpful but know of no easy affordable way to ship heavy items overseas.

    Anybody got any ideas ?

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    I've been eyeing off tools at places like Shars and CDCO now that the $A is nearly on parity with the $US. Shipping is still a killer.

    USPS no longer do surface mail or at least their website doesn't mention it. Freight companies are only interested in container loads. As for DHL, Fedex et al, well you did say affordable.
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      USPS has not had an international surface mail service since 2007. Currently they will send a maximum of 30kg to Oz by air for USD373.25

      Ask Bax Global or one of the other smaller airfreight companies for a price.

      There are quite a few Australian companies that will organise shipping of that Hudson or Cadillac or spare engine which you just bought on US ebay, and you will be able to slot your heavy gear from Shars into that system.
      You will find their ads in Just World Cars or Unique Cars. Make sure you get an all up delivery cost from their US depot (typically in the Long Beach CA area) to awaiting pick-up at Port Melbourne. There can be a lot of gotcha charges in sea freight, especially if you don't know what questions to ask.


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        Originally posted by tumutbound
        I've been eyeing off tools at places like Shars and CDCO now that the $A is nearly on parity with the $US. Shipping is still a killer.
        For smaller parts the USPS Flat Rate Box is very good value. Max weight of 20lb or 9kg for either size box. The medium size box measures 11" X 8.5" X 5.5" and is $43.45 to Oz, the large size box measures 12” x 12” x 5.5” and is $55.95 to Oz. Be specific with your supplier that you want to use the Flat Rate Box


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          Just watch out for the backyard operators.... A group of us are currently using one of the backyard operators to import some stuff from the US.... We are finding it difficult to even find out if they received the items from the internal US shipping company...And that was three months ago...

          We are not even sure if our goods will arrive...

          One of the CNC Zoners used this company to import a several tonne CNC lathe -->>

          Hopefully the Chinese become more aware of the internet and open more online stores like CTC Tools... After all all the stuff from shars and the like are chinese anyway...
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            Thanks guys. I'll try and contact some backyard operators. Shars are also being helpful.


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              I think what you want is a 'freight consolidator', they will have space booked from 'A' to 'B' which they fill up with small items that get brought to them.


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                Weight, freight and cost

                As I understand it, most international fright companies are "freight consolidators as they progressively "take on" and optimise freight from "feeders" as they go between taking on freight and its ultimate destination in a host country where it is further broken down and optimised for delivery.

                Rotary table are not light. Typically, without a chuck or face-plate they are:
                6": 12Kg

                8": 30Kg

                10": 45Kg


                "Accessories" - tail-stock centre and dividing plates - are "extra".

                It seems that the best general rotary tables in the USA are "Phase 11" with very few "Vertex" units. It also seems that few if any "Phase 11" are available in the UK or Australia (or Europe?) as it is mainly "Vertex" in those countries.

                So far as I can see, Phase 11 and Vertex are pretty well the same.

                I have yet to see John Stephenson use other than "Vertex" or for ArcEurotrade (UK) stock much other than "Vertex".

                I have 2 x 6" and 1 x 8" "Vertex" rotary tables.

                I am very satisfied with my "Vertex" units. The 6" is my "go to" unit as it caters for most of my work, fits all of my mills, and is easier to lift on and off its storage place and the mill tables than the 6".

                One of the 6" is to be the 4th. axis on my "Sieg" X3 mill CNC conversion and the other is to be fitted with my new "DivisionMaster" electronics - due from the UK this week:


                I will probably buy a new 6" in the next week or so to have one as a "raw"/"basic" rotary table (again).

                It is for the OP to conduct his own assessment and cost-benefits analysis as to what he buys and where. Same goes for warranty and service.


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                  I've used a company called Select Freight to forward a lathe from the US (contact Chris Wright [[email protected]]). There is a cost per cubic metre component and a fixed cost for customs clearance etc. They don't pack though so Shar's would have to pack for you (or leave it in the box it comes in I guess)



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                    "Freight" will have to include a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the "all in" cost (including freight and handling) if the landed cost in OZ is AU$1,000 or more.

                    It is imposed by OZ Customs at the port/point of entry to OZ. It will NOT be released (to the freighter) by Customs until Customs has received the GST payment.


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                      Apart from the usual Customs requirements (Duty, GST etc), you may also need to consider quarantine especially if there is any timber packing used.
                      It's something your freight forwarder should take care of as part of their fees but will require a statement from the supplier that the timber has been treated according to AQIS requirements.
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