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  • Rossivo milling machine

    I bought an old Rossivo milling machine a few years ago, works fine for farming repairs and such. I however have found very little information on this brand. Don't have a clue where to get parts if and when I need them. Anyone have any information on this machine. This is my first time on the board and would like to say this looks like the place for a guy like me (with limited machining skills)to visit and read the past posts.

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    Hey, a Rossi!

    Where I was an apprentice we had an old Rossi, a nice (old) vertical mill. It had been retired from the toolroom into the maintance shop, probably dated back to 1950's, maybe 1960's. Seemed to be well made, Italian, similar size to a Bridgeport.

    Main thing I remember about the Rossi was that the head could "fall over" when you loosened the bolts to tilt it. Having got used to other mills with worm gear tilt control, this could come as a real surprise, and the motor housing had dents in it to prove it! One of the other apprentices had the job of making up a friction/brake device to try and make tilting the head over a bit less exciting.

    Can't help with any info though. There was another Italian vertical mill at the same place that I liked using, a Rambaudi, a good machine


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      Yes it has been a good mill. I will remeber about tilting the head. I never had the need to do so yet. Thanks for the reply.