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  • Chuck grease

    After all the discussions about way oil, here's some "way grease" - sort of:

    Does it really "dramatically increase jaw force", or would any moly grease do just as well?

    All of the gear, no idea...

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    Since it is for all PB chucks that require grease type lubrication, I would suspect that it is intended for automatic, hydraulic or pneumaticaly operated shucks rather than manual scroll chucks.

    Can't hurt, but might not help significantly.
    Jim H.


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      Chuck grease

      I don't grease my chucks. They are all manual. Tried it once and i was dodging grease for a month any time the lathe was running. Also the chips stick to it, making it hard to keep clean and not bind up from chips getting into the scroll.
      A small amount might be OK, but I would keep it very minimal. It won't make any noticeable difference how hard the chuck clamps either way.
      Kansas City area


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        I only grease my woodturning chucks. The manufacturer recommended white grease.It has worked well so far however I just am in the middle of changing my chucking system as I have a new wood lathe and wan't to keep the chucks the same on both lathes so I just bought 2 new woodworking chucks then I just need one set of different jaws for both chucks.Why did I buy 2 well the register is different threading on both lathes regards Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          I lube my scroll chuck with this:

          A thin film on the scroll and jaw teeth makes a huge diffference. It won't fling off and it doesn't seem to be a chip magnet. I have used it for years.



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            I grease my chucks with chuck grease. What else?
            If you use some grease, you'll admire a oily strip on the wall, in line with the chuck. Chuck grease is extremely tacky and will not fly off (well, for the first time). It also prevents chips coming in into the spiral because they stick at the very start (where they are pushed off again).

            Really makes a difference and you can only judge if you have used a chuck grease. You'll stick to it.