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Whats the Enco free shipping code?

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  • Whats the Enco free shipping code?

    They sent me an email, I lost it, Im about to place an order with them, and I need that code for free shipping, Thanks for help.

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      Just make sure that when you get your invoice that you check and make sure shipping was not charged. The packing slip with the items I got last spring on a free shipping order said "free shipping" on it, but they had added shipping to it and billed my credit card for it when I received the invoice a few days later. A phone call to customer service got my shipping costs reimbursed so they did make good on it. But had I not looked closely at the invoice I wouldn't have caught it.



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        I had the same problem -- got charged for the free shipping. I also caught it and the lady told me that, next time, I should put "free shipping" in the special instructions box.


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          I too purchase on the free shipping promo. I have gotten max mileage out of it. I purchased a carbide grinder. Next week UPS is going to pick up the third one and return it. The boxes arrive in the shape of a bean bag chair and the styrofoam is beat to pieces. The cast is cracked. Enco said they are going to use expanding foam on the next one. I may have to chip it out of the box, but with luck it may survive UPS. Mike