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OT, leading to small, small tool gloat...

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  • OT, leading to small, small tool gloat...

    Has anyone used a particular search tool trying to track down patents?

    Tried the Google beta version and had some success but not exactly the "tool gloat" I will post once I can verify via photos

    Small as it was cheap and not very important but still fascinated me and it has a clear patent Apr date of 7.1925 but files appear to be by date filed as opposed to date approved (makes sense but it opens up a potentially much larger time span).

    Found one very similar and in fact issued a month earlier but with a few very different details that were improvements on a patent issued about a year earlier by the same "inventor". And a patent of a similar type has been issued as late as 2002.

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    I've found the best search tool for patents is usually the USPTO's own engine.

    you can search by issue date there as well.

    There are some tricks you can use with Google's patent search to narrow the scope: