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Where to list stuff on eBay???

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  • Where to list stuff on eBay???

    I've been thinking about listing some of the unusual things I've made (like the aluminum hexasphericon) on eBay, but can't decide what category to list them under. The things I've considered are "weird stuff" and "self-represented artists", but there are so many things in both categories that I'm afraid it won't be noticed. Any suggestions?

    I'm not looking to make a lot of money. I just don't like for stuff to pile up on my shelf, and I don't want to junk it.

    Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.

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    Spend the extra go with multi listings.


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      Use lots of adjectives. The more description "key" search words the more likely that you will sell your work for more then ".01"



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        I think the title is more the key than the category. Most of the stuff I buy, I find via a search and I search all of E-Bay as many sellers do not know the appropriate category. I have found machine tools in Lawn and Garden or some such category. Do the research: read a lot of titles and descriptions of similiar items first and do ye likewise.

        If you are selling more than one, you might try different categories one at a time and see which works best. If the item is inexpensive, this may be better in the long run as you will not have to continue paying for multiple categories every time.

        Another good selling point is the picture. I recently saw a faceplate that looked awful in the picture. I asked the seller if he would consider lowering his minimum bid in consideration of the poor condition. He responded that the picture didn't do it justice and it was in one of the best conditions of any he has seen. I did not bid and it did not sell - NO BIDS at all. The picture should be as large as possible, in very sharp focus, at a good angle to show all features, and with proper brightness, contrast, and gamma. Programs that allow tweaking these values are packaged with all digital cameras. Features that are in shadows or not sharp may as well not be there. (If you don't have a digital camera, GET ONE.) Take a little time and do it right. This is the ONLY way the bidder can see your item.

        Paul A.
        Paul A.
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