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    First, thanks to all who answered my other post. Now, which one would be a better way to go, the quick change tool post(from phase II) or the diamond toolholder(from bay-com)?

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    The toolposts are completely different however there is no reason you can't hold a diamond holder in a QC toolpost.
    The diamond is a GREAT toolholder but you are limited to only one cutting shape.
    Having said that it is probably the most used holder in the shop however for not common stuff I use carbide etc.
    You can't cutoff with it.
    The person who thought up the diamond holder was (is) a genius.



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      I could use a picture or link for the diamond holder before I answer this question - being a quick change Aloris type guy of 26 years now......Please let me know.

      Found it, remember it now. Looks more like a tool to be put in a tool holder, and looks like a good tool.

      You buy the Aloris type "Phase II" or whatever (Dorian is what I have and prefer), you buy holders. Posts run about $200 or less, the holders for the tools run at about $35.00 to $45.00 or more for specialty.

      For my "own lathe" (at the school shop I have a preferred lathe) I have purcased for myself (not the taxpayers ducket) seven tool holders, including a cutoff. I have specialty tools mounted in them that I use often like my turning, facing, scissor knurler, couple of form tools, thread tool, chamfer tool. All set to height, locked in, and ready to go without monkey business of going about the whole place and finding the tools.

      The diamond is something I will look at.....

      Do as you wish, I also realize money is tight, and if you have but the single option, maybe the diamond is good....

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      CCBW, MAH